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God often does things that none of us would want or choose. It is through these things that He desires for us to know Him more deeply and to see Him work miracles in the lives of everyday people. When God handed a difficult journey to Mandy Young, it was to show us all that He is sufficient and that joy can overwhelm us in the midst of harsh circumstances. Mandy is an instrument of joy in the hand of God. As she shares her difficulties, we can see that it is God Who brings fullness, provision and purpose not only for her, but also for us all. No difficulty or problem overwhelms Him and Mandy is the living testimony to that. It is not that she has a bubbly, joyful personality, it is that God has invaded her life with Jesus and He is her joy and He is able to carry her through all manner of things. Having her speak at our church encouraged our people to live her life's motto which seems to say "Embrace the Lord and choose JOY!"

Vicki Mullins

Women's Ministry leader for Crossroads Baptist Church (Memphis,TN)

" Mandy’s testimony was very inspirational to the ladies I went with. My friend has a disability and spoke with her after the event and was very encouraged by her faith and positive outlook. ~ It deeply touched my heart and drew me back to a deeper relationship with the Lord. I was humbled by speaker and was drawn closer to the love of God. ~ It is always encouraging to hear someone’s story who has overcome enormous trials ~ The speaker was very encouraging, to help us be appreciative for what we do have & to never lose our faith & hope. ~ Mandy was an awesome guest speaker. She made me have a new outlook on life and to look at my life differently. We always think we have it hard but listening to her life story and what she went through she still had such a strong faith and was so happy. ~ If Mandy has had the courage and strength to live a full and purposeful life…then I can also do the same and look at trials as learning and growing opportunities. She is amazing and so full of the Spirit! Loved her. "

Attendees from the Fish L.A. Women's Nigh Out event

Los Angeles, CA

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the presence of an Angel then, wait no more. Mandy is as close as you’ll get without going to Heaven. Her incredible story is not of going from being the “normal” girl to being “the one legged” girl. And, it’s not a story of the poor little girls struggle to find out who she is. It’s a story about a young girl who has grown into a wonderful young lady by remaining faithful to God and believing that everything He does is for a reason. Her story put our church members on a roller coaster of emotions. When she made her presentation there was laughter and there were tears. But, the tears were not due to sadness. They were because of the joy that Mandy gave those in attendance by demonstrating her never ending determination to live life and be a Blessing to all those she comes into contact with. 

Regardless of age, race or gender, "Mandy's Journey" will inspire all who attend.

R. Todd Wood / Youth Director

Gateway Community ChurchCovington, Georgia

Amazingly inspirational! How anyone can go through the obstacles that Mandy did and not only live, but a true testimate. Encouraging, Uplifting, Breathtaking... A story everyone should hear and hold on to!

-Alex Crawford

What can I say, but: impressive, moving, inspiring, appreciated... Mandy is so poised and well-spoken, and she gives forth just the right mixture of reality and hope, that makes her such a role model for others. Mandy, not to at all be understated herself, is of course far more than her 'illness.' In some odd way, you could almost argue that she has (in a beyond our understanding sort of way) been 'selected' to be the bearer of her medical history. Who but Mandy, really, could have had this past; and this present and future too we all expect, that she personally has managed? Who better than Mandy; who could be the face of such overwhelming difficulty,yet with sweetness, positive attitude, and ever-tempered realism? She is a very, very special person, (as we all appreciate).

Dr. Bruce Beeber

"Mandy's bubbly personality is contagious, shining like a bright star on a dark night. Her story, mixed with candor and humor inspires each of us to see how God can use our worst circmstances for His glory. She gives hope to a generation consumed with materialism, perfection and body image, making her a role model to others. Mandy is one of kind and I'm blessed to call her my friend."

Candace Cameron Bure

Actress, Author,Speaker

Los Angeles, CA

The impact and effectiveness of a powerful story cannot be measured. When we hear about God miraculously acting in and through the life of another person, we are moved. Gratitude to God and faith in Him are enhanced, and we are motivated to experience Him in our own lives in a more real and powerful way.

I’ve been working in the Church for over fifteen years, and in that time I’ve never heard a more gripping and unique story than that of Mandy Young. Her uncommon journey and how God has and continues to deliver her is one of the most compelling examples of grace and faithfulness that you will ever hear.

Mandy delivers her message with enthusiasm, passion, and humility. She communicates clearly the message of the Gospel and how it has personally and unmistakably impacted her life. Her style is warm, funny, and direct. The words she speaks carry weight because of the trials she has been through and as a result of the strength of her character.

Recently, Mandy spoke to a group of one-hundred and fifty teenagers and adults at our church. Every single person in the room was on the edge of their seat. Her testimony left a deep impression on each listener. Months later, our students and adult volunteers are still talking about Mandy, her story, and what God has done in her life.

If you are looking for a speaker who is effective and different, look no further than Mandy Young. You won’t find any ego, clichés, or hidden agendas. What you will find is a beautiful person with a beautiful story that communicates the beautiful gospel of Jesus Christ in a powerful and lasting way.

Mark D. Paul

Minister with Students

Dunwoody Baptist Church

Atlanta, GA

You just could not imagine the impact on the 250 women in the room. I will pass on some of their comments...." I hardly could believe that her story was true but I know it is. Her whole attitude is amazing. I have so much work to do with how I see life"......" Wow, I don't think I have ever seen God protect someones life like Mandy's. I can't imagine living that out. God is so real. More people need to hear her story."............" Chelsea, she is amazing! She is so fun, I mean just the way she looks at the positive side of her life. I want to be like that."..........." I am so inspired, I really feel humbled. God will work everything out for good. She is living proof"........" Why haven't I heard her story before, she needs to be on KKLA, no Oprah, yeah, Oprah needs to hear her story and see her faith"........(one woman came up to me in tears) "I don't even know what to say. I was so moved by today. I don't feel sad, I feel convicted about my complaining spirit. Mandy just shines the Holy Spirit. She is really beautiful and God is totally going to use her. He did

today with me. Thank you for having her speak.".........."Thank you , you gave me a gift today, please thank her for me. She is so real and so funny. I know so many people who need to see her joy even through her trials."......." Oh my goodness, I love her. God is all over her."

That is only a few of the comments. You blessed everyone so much. You tell your story personally, medically and spiritually. Opening with the video is great because we get to see the story unfold starting when you were a baby. You were serious and truthful but then light and full of hope. I loved every minute. Mandy, I am praying for God to direct your path with your speaking events. You glorify God just by telling where you have been and what He has taught you. So many people need to hear that message of real hope. Not a packaged speech but a girl who knows that "God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Rom.8:28

Chelsea Cameron (Mrs. Kirk Cameron)

Bible Study Class

Los Angeles, CA

I feel that one of the greatest things one can experience in their Christian walk is when they find their purpose. Mandy Young has been blessed to find her's early in life. It is clearly evident that Mandy looks at her disability as a blessing and as a platform to share the good news of Jesus. Mandy came to my church and shared her story with over 300 women at a recent Christmas gathering. The impact that she made on many lives that night was clear by the number of women who waited to talk to her one on one. Her enthusiasm was contagious and a true testimony to a life lived for the Lord. If you are looking for speaker that will challenge your audience and ignite a fire within their soul...Mandy is your gal!

Joy Trachsel

Speaking Thru Me Ministries


"When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12