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1. What's your favorite Thanksgiving food??- Stacey Harper

I totally think that I could be a foodie! And I couldnt wait for Thanksgiving. I have to confess I eat out every meal! I stopped eating at home forever ago and if I eat at home it's just a very off night or I'm broke haha! But for holidays I'm all about home cooking. This year I made green bean casserole, balsamic carrots and stuffed mushrooms. Yummy Yummy. I also love dressing because really this is the only time of year we eat it. But I'm going to have to say my two favorite things ham and my aunt makes awesome broccoli casserole! I'm also no a left overs kind of girls and I ate them for like 4 days this year! Yummy :)

2. If there is one thing you could do, what would it be?-Wayne Loveless

Well I'm not sure in which way the person meant this question...maybe they meant like since I'm an amputee what could I do. But I can't answer the question like that because I haven't let being an amputee change my life. I still do anything and everything a two legged person does.

So I'm going to answer the question as though what is the one thing I would do if I could and money was no object. I would travel around sharing my story with who would listen to it. That is my calling. I'm supposed to be sharing the journey that God has let me live. I would love to be able to join a womens conference but I know that's far far far down the road.

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