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Wildfire Men's Conference

Over the years I have been to a lot of women's conferences; so a couple of weeks ago when a friend called and asked if I would come and help with their upcoming men's event (Wildfire) I jumped at the chance. I wanted to see how a men's event worked. Plus it didn't hurt that Willie and Jase Robertson and Tim Tebow were going to be there!

Wildfire started Friday night with Willie Robertson and Joe White on the main stage! I will have say that it took me a little bit longer than the rest of the world to jump on the Duck Dynasty train. I'm not a woodsy girl at all and even though I have friends that hunt I'm just not a fan of it. So I kept thinking "Why would I want to watch a show about guys who make duck calls and hunt?" But once I finally watched it I totally got it! So I was pretty excited to get to hear Willie speak. Getting to hear stories of their family and how they became what they are today was awesome! Then Joe White moved the crowd with drama of building the cross of Jesus. If you've never seen Joe you should! Plus through out the weekend in between sessions Michael O'Brien lead the men in worship! I love his soulful voice!

Saturday morning started with worship and work shops. The main sessions were Tim Tebow and Rick Rigsby. I'm not going to lie Tim Tebow has to be one of the nicest guys EVER! I swear it was like he was more excited to meet me than I was to meet him. But I promise he wasn't! I honestly believe that he and I are supposed to be friends! No not married, but just friends. He just seems like the most awesome God loving man. I just wanna hang out with him. And I'm sure if he would have hung out with me longer than the 5 seconds that we got he would have wanted to hang out with me to. So if anyone out there knows him help me set up a play date haha! But really I loved listening to his stories as well. Then Coach Rick Rigsby got up and was preachin'!! I was looooving it!

After lunch on the main stage was Jase Robertson and TD Jakes. Jase was an awesome surprise! I mean I knew that he was going to be there but the boy was preachin'! It was awesome! Those Duck Dynasty guys....they are the real deal! So I will continue to watch the show and give it ratings!! Plus it's awesome to see a Christian family on tv and trying to make TV better! I think I have a special place in my heart for them because they are like Candace. Using their celebrity for good and using it to share the Lord with the world instead of making it about themselves! So I urge you to continue to watch their show too because if we continue to give shows like that ratings they will continue to make more like it! Then TD Jakes took the stage to close out our weekend. All I have to say is...oh my word! He was awesome! The men in the audience were shouting and cheering! That was the thing about the whole event. This was 10,000 men who were passionate about God. When they would sing together my heart would just melt. And when they would get all excited; shouting a cheering over what a speaker would say I would just get chills! It was amazing.

This weekend gave me hope their there are still awesome Christian men out there! I so enjoyed my weekend with Wildfire. If you are a guy or if you know a guy they need to go to this conference. And luckily Wildfire is going to start traveling in 2014! They will be traveling to 10 cities so you make sure to find out when they are coming to a city near you!!

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