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What Would You Do?

Do you ever watch the TV show, "What Would You Do?" It's a great program that puts undercover actors in certain situations and then waits to see how the public will react.  For instance, if there is a person in need or someone is getting picked on, will someone go to their aid? After watching it, I sometimes go out in public, see a situation arise and wonder if I'm on the show!  But it really makes you want to step up, which is honestly what we should be doing anyway! Its a great show, so if you haven't watched it, you should!

I had to go out of town this week and as I got to the airport I thought, I want to go on that show and see how many people would see me in an airport and offer to help me!  And then it happened!  As I got out of the car,  I had my purse on my shoulder, computer bag on my other shoulder and was pulling my rolling duffel (yes this is a true story!) all while walking on my crutches.  And this nice guy sitting on an outside bench smoking, jumped up and said "let me help you with your bag!"   I said, "No, no that's so sweet, but I've got it" and he said "are you sure?" I giggled and with a smile said, "I'm fine, I promise, but, thank you!" and his reply was "You're a soldier, seriously you are, you're a soldier!"  I just laughed and went on my merry way. I checked in at the desk and actually got a wheelchair to take me to my gate (normally I'm not all about the whole wheelchair thing but I gave in. I have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks and I don't want to ruin my underarms). So, we get to the B concourse and it's craziness - packed. I'm dropped off at my gate and instead of sitting in the chair I got up and wanted to walk around. I'm a "stander" by nature anyway but I was thinking I'm about to sit on a plane for two hours I don't want to sit now too. So I got up and walked around and propped myself up on a post. A guy walks over to me and asks if I want his seat. I told him that was sweet, however I wanted to stand for now but thank you! That was very 'southern gentleman' of him to ask!  Then I got a text from a  friend who happens to be a pilot who happened to be at the airport and wanted to run over to my gate for a quick hug and hello before he had to take off.  So I walked away from my 'post' and stepped away from the crowd so he could find me easier. While waiting for him, a pilot who was waiting for the same flight I was, came up to me and asked if he could get me a wheelchair.  I told him, "no thank you, I'm fine I want to stand" and he said, "well I'm at least going to get you one to take down to the plane."   I said, "no, no it's okay I'll walk" and he said, "how are you going to do that?"  I said, "I'm use to it, it's okay, I promise!"  About that time, my friend got there and pilot to pilot they started talking about me. The one I don't know starts explaining to my friend that he was trying to help me and before he could even finish my friend said, "she's not going to take your help, she's stubborn."  And well, I can't argue with that!  My flight started boarding, we said our goodbyes, I walked down the bridge and right before I hit the door of the plane, I see Mr. Pilot.  He said, " well, you did make it down" and I jokingly said, " yeah I made it but geez I thought you were going to at least carry my bag!"  He grabbed the handle of my luggage and said, "hand it over!"  I said, "no, no I was just kidding! I'm fine! I promise, I was just kidding!"  He said, "Ma'am you know that you can get in a lot of trouble if you fight with an airline employee, right?"  So through my giggles,  I handed over my bag and he helped me load AND unload from the plane. He even got my crutches from the front closet and brought them to me when we landed!  Such a nice guy! I assured him once off the plane that I could handle my bag but thanked him again and again. Once up the ramp, a lady stopped and asked if she could help me. I thanked her but told her I was fine!  It was so nice and gave me such a good feeling how many people offered to help me!

Later I thought, man that was so nice that all of those people tried to help me today! But then I thought about how many people were in both airports, how many people I passed and how many people I really walked by. And even though I would have probably told them no, out of thousands of people, only 4 offered to help me. It's crazy when you think about it that way. Again it makes my heart smile to think about the 4 people that offered, trying to help their fellow man.  But what about all the other people that are so consumed in their lives that they can't lend out a helping hand?  And while walking through the terminal that's when "What Would You Do" popped in my head again.  I thought this should totally be on their show!

Now I'm not saying you need to bombard every handicapped person to offer them help. But you know, if you see someone struggling or looks like they need help, just ask them! Even if they say no at least you have asked and done your good deed for the day!  Help those who need a helping hand! We have to stop being so self consumed and bee lining to where we need to go. Take your time and look around and lend a helping hand! You never know if John Quiñones will come around a corner and ask, "so why didn't you help?"

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