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Valentines Day 2015

If you've read one of my previous Valentine's Day posts you know that I am not a sit at home and cry over a gallon of ice cream while watching chick flicks kind of girl. That's not my idea of enjoying the life that God has given me. Single or taken I'm going to have fun! In years past I have gotten single friends (ladies and gents) together for dinner and/or any other fun activity that the group wanted to do. This year was no exception! I have been friends with Katie since high school. I messaged her on AOL instant messenger thinking that she was someone else and instead of getting embarrassed, a friendship was created. Seventeen years later we are still friends! Morgane and I met at the gym and clicked right away. Even though we've only been friends for about 5 years, it feels like we???ve known each other for much longer. This wonderful two-some are also my Disney escapade buddies! Whenever the three of us are together it's fun, fun, fun! In years past I've always kind of made a plan for the group but this year I hadn't. I sent text messages to Morgane and Katie Valentine's morning to see if they had any ideas for the day. None of us knew what we wanted to do, but we wanted to do something. Then I remembered that Morgane has been wanting to go to the World of Coke!! Perfect! Let's do it and then we???ll have dinner (somewhere low key where all the mushy couples wouldn???t be). I texted the girls and they were all in so we hurried and got ready, got in the car and headed to downtown Atlanta. Once we got off the exit to the World of Coke we noticed that traffic was CRAZY! Yes we understood it was Valentine's Day but there was NO way this was just holiday traffic. We couldn't get into the parking garage for the World of Coke so we tried to find another place to park. This one guy tried to get us to park in his lot for $30!! I told him he was nuts and told Morgane to keep driving! But traffic was out of control and after we realized there were several events going on around the area, we knew we needed a new game plan. So Katie suggested....THE ZOO! So off toward the Zoo we went. But it was a bit chilly and very windy, so I wasn't too keen on the idea and right as we pulled into the parking lot it hit me....Girls, the circus is in town, let's go to the circus! They were all in! We headed back toward the crazy traffic and once there, we sat!! HA! I thought Katie was going to lose her mind (traffic makes her nervous and a bit, well, crazy). But even sitting in traffic we told stories, laughed and giggled! Morgane even snort laughed for the very first time in life! HeHe! We finally made it to the arena, traffic was insane and I got yelled at for not bringing my handi-tag (I've really gotta start putting that thing in my purse!). Once at the gate we realized the show had started 30 minutes earlier, but they let us in anyway and we had great seats! None of us had been to the circus since we were little so this was something different and fun! We ate ourselves into a sugar coma with snow cones and cotton candy but added in a little salt with popcorn; while we watched the amazing acrobats, elephants, trapeze artists, dogs, goats, llamas, HUGE pigs, fire performers, kangaroos and so much more!! We all agreed we were so glad that we went! After the circus we luckily didn't hit too much traffic like we thought we would. Which was a good thing because our tummies were growling and we needed to find some actual food! We went to one of our Atlanta favorites Tin Lizzy's! It's a Mexican Cantina and If you know me, you know that Mexican food is the way to my heart (hehe), my Valentine's knew what I wanted! We stuffed ourselves with fried pickles, cheese dip, salsa and tacos! We even got lucky with no waiting to sit! And of course over dinner we discussed our next Disney adventure! So, you see, even if you are single on Valentine's Day you don't have to hate the day. The day is what you make it. If you want to wallow in sadness that's what you have chosen to do. But I have realized that this day is not about just loving one person. God's greatest commandment to us is to LOVE. So that's what I do. I love love. I love my life. I love the people in my life. Therefore I celebrate every day. I hope that I tell the people in my life that I love them more than just one day. But just because I'm single doesn't mean that I can't enjoy or love this holiday. I make the best and most of it. At this point a boy would just mess up my normal fun Valentine's Day plans! So until the day comes where a boy messes that all up for me (hehe), I will enjoy every Valentine's Day with the people in my life I love; whether that's my friends or my family. I had a fun filled Valentine's Day, I hope you did too!

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