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Turn that frown upside down

It's so funny how a day can just turn around. This morning I woke up early actually, got in the shower, got ready and then guess what, couldnt find anything to wear. I went from my closet, to the laundry room, to my mom's closet and then back to all of them. And by the time I finally got out the door it was 9:00....I'm supposed to be at work at 9 and I still had a 20 min drive ahead of me. I was so mad when I got in the car, called my boss told her I was running late and decided to just eat my poptart when I got to work because sure as the world I would wreck trying to eat it. I turned on the radio and had forgotten that I had popped in my Jon McLaughlin cd last night so that made me happy. Jon and I sang together for the next 20 mins. And by the time I got to work I had a smile on my face.

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day at work and I had a feeling today would be the same, and sure enough the boxes were over flowing when I walked in the door. But I'm happy about that! I love being busy at work, it helps the day go by faster. So before I started my work I singed on Facebook just to see what was going on before I got completely swamped with work. Sitting in my in box was a message from a lady that Zumba with on Tuesdays at Golds, Shannon. She wanted to know who to make a check out to for the Lovin' Life 5k, what the website was and where she could get an entry form. I answered all of her questions and then got an email right back from her telling me that she needed to know who to make a check out to because she raised $500 this morning at her work for the 5k! Tears filled my eyes, but I was trying soooo hard not to cry, I had just gotten to work and didnt want to ruin my makeup. Plus the guys at work kind of freak out when they see a girl crying, haha. I was sooooo touched by her even trying to raise money. She barely knows me and is going out of her way to do something for me and raise money for a charity that she barely knows anything about! There need to be more people like Shannon! Which includes me, I need to do more charitiable stuff, and she has inspried me.

Then it hit me, today is my grandparents anniversary. Yep that's right they got married on April Fools day! It's hard to believe that 8 months ago my entire family was in a hospital praying over my grandmothers almost lifeless body....and shes still here today and celebrating 61 years with Bompa! They are such an amazing couple and such an example of what marriage should be. There will never be another generation like theirs. I sit here with tears in my eyes just thinking about it. I am so over joyed that she is still here. Ever since Grandma got sick she wont talk on the phone or doesn't really want to go out in public because she knows that something is wrong with her memory and she's embarrassed of it. So today I called their house today to talk to Bompa and wish them a happy anniversary and the next thing I know Grandma is on the phone thanking me!!! That is the first time I have talked to her on the phone in 8 months. That might not sound like a big deal to you, but its such a huge step in her progress! (Great now I'm sitting here crying at my desk)

Once I got a little more of my work done I checked FB again and found out that the baby of the family, my cousin Matt and his wife Brie are expecting their first baby!!!! I can't believe it. My cousin Holly, Matt's sister, found out in January that she was pregnant again, and now they will both have babies around the same age, that's going to be awesome!!

Plus I got to have lunch with Traci, whom I haven't seen in months. We had such a great lunch catching up. Then tonight I get to go to Zumba. And found out I only have to work until 12 tomorrow, I'm going to a painting class with a bunch of friends tomorrow night, then more friends stuff on Saturday and then Easter on Sunday! Such a great day that's going to lead in to the weekend. Now if I could only meet Prince Charming....that would be the cherry topper

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