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The reason I'm in the hospital (NIH)

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to give everyone an update of what’s going on and why I’m in the hospital but I haven’t had a computer and honestly I haven’t really felt that great to be able to post anything.

A couple of months ago I found out that I have a cyst on my ovary. During that I also had blood in my urine - which I knew wasn’t normal. But after seeing doctor after doctor we started treating the cyst. Then I saw a Urologist but the bleeding had stopped and he couldn’t find anything. So I went along my merry way just worrying about the cyst. Over the course of the next month and a half the cyst continued to grow. And then a week ago Tuesday I started having blood in my urine again. Frustrated with it all, on Wednesday I emailed my doctor here at the NIH. They knew everything that was going on, but after that email a flight was booked to leave that night to come up here.

Dad and I started this little trip thinking that we would be here to have tests Thursday and Friday and then we would either go home Friday night or Saturday. Thursday were the tests for my cyst. Which had gotten a little bigger, it’s gone from 2.9 cm to 5 cm. So we switched up my medicine to see if that would help the situation. Then it was off to Urology about the blood. They took samples and found traces of blood so they decided that they wanted to scope me on Friday. Friday after noon I went down for the scope. Once they got in they saw traces of blood and wanted to travel further up into my kidneys but there was a problem the Ureter (the tube between your kidneys and bladder) was too tight to get the scope through. They decided they needed to put a stint in to widen it and would take it out Jan 10th and then try to scope again. They had also dilated and ballooned my bladder. When I woke up in recovery I was in serious pain. Friday and Saturday were awful days. I couldn’t move, I would have to lay in the fetal position on my left side. They were giving me all kinds of pain meds. I couldn’t eat or drink anything and if I even attempted to it just came right back up. They said this is not a reaction that someone normally has to this procedure. They right away began talking about taking it out, but the problem is if you take it out too soon then the Ureter tube might close up all together and that would cause more problems. The Urologist said they had to wait at least four days before they could take it out but really wanted to wait longer than that. The four day mark would have been this past Tuesday. Tuesday came and I was still in pain but all of my doctors involved are still worried about my Ureter closing up. Basically we have been going day by day just hoping that it’s going to get better and that I can go home with it still in and have it taken out in Jan…’s now Thursday and I’m still in pain. Less pain, but still in pain.

Yesterday I tried taking a shower, putting on a little make up, doing my hair. By the time that was all done I was light headed and worn out. Then Mom took me downstairs to have lunch after we were gone for about an hour I couldn’t take it anymore and needed a pain pill and wanted to come back and lay down. Today I skipped the whole shower thing, we went back downstairs for lunch but I was so uncomfortable I couldn’t stay. Even though I’m in a little less pain doesn’t mean I’m back to normal. I’m in level 3 to 5 pain instead of 8 or 9. And there is no way I could come close to doing anything that I normally do all in one day.

There has been talk about taking the stint out tomorrow but that decision hasn’t been made yet. There is also the chance that I’m going to go through the pain again once they take it out. I’m praying that once it comes out I’m going to feel back to my old self and that there are no problems that occur.

Being gone for the last 8 days has been kind of tough. Dad was here with me until Monday and then Mom came up Tuesday morning and is staying with me the remainder of the trip. I am so thankful for my parents. It doesn’t matter that I’m 30 years old they drop whatever and will still be by my side whenever I need them. I’m sad that I haven’t seen Chad, Alex and her Charlee belly in over a week. I’m not used to going more than two days seeing my sister so this whole 8 days (and more) is not cool. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I’m having to miss it. I’ve missed three Christmas parties this week. But that’s okay my health comes first. A funny thing is normally I’m all worried about money and paying my bills. I have now been gone from work for 6 days which means I wont get paid but honestly I haven’t really even thought about that. I know God will provide….I have bigger issues to worry about than my phone, car or car insurance.

I would like to thank you all for your prayers, comments, texts, messages, voicemails, and any other way you’ve contacted me. I love you all and I love knowing I have people in my corner! Some have asked how can you specifically pray…..pray for this pain to decrease and for the stent to do it’s job. Once the stent is out for my Ureter not to close or rupture. Honestly I know God has His hands all around me. During this entire thing not one time have I asked, why me? I know that this is just another task that God has for me and I’m doing it for Him. I will do whatever he asks. I don’t know why He chose this, but do we ever understand some of the things He does? No we don’t and one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is don’t question God. It’s worked for 30 years and I’m not about to start something like that now. Don’t worry, my spirits are high and I know everything is going to be just fine. Cause He’s got my whole world in His hands

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