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The Color Run

It will be 23 years this July 4th that I decided I would do anything and everything that a two legged person would do, it might have to be tweaked from time to time but I was still going to do it. Over the years I've taken gymnastics, played softball, swam, and pretty much anything else that I've wanted to do. So I think I've kept that promise to myself.


But then this past January my sister and one of our best friends had signed up for The Color Run. Soon my all of my Bella's (my bible study girls) were signed up to run too. The Bella's and I have an on going text message and through this text was all of this excitement about everyone running in this 5k together. But inside my heart was breaking...I was the only one NOT signed up. Now normally I tell people that I'm glad God made me one legged just so I don't HAVE to run. I have a wonderful excuse. Although in this case it was taking me back to when I was 9 years old and realizing I would never be able to run, jump or skip every again. I had these thoughts of walking it but 3.2 miles is a long way to walk on crutches. Plus I didn't want to hold anyone back.


I finally spoke up through this on going exciting text and told my girls that I was sad. The next thing I know my sister had sent a text just between us telling me that she wants to push me in a wheelchair and I need to sign up! I told her no! Alex has been running 5k's lately and the last thing I wanted to do was hold her back from her latest time. She then said "Mandy you travel around telling everyone how you said you would do anything and everything that a two legged person would do; it might have to be tweaked from time to time but you were still going to do it. Let ME be your tweak." That hit....that hit hard! She was right. I had to set my pride aside and do this.


Luckily one of the Bella's mothers is a physical therapist and was able to help me find a place to borrow a wheelchair from. Whom I'm now ordering a wheelchair through! Alex and I trained a couple of times to get ready for the run. Even though sometimes I questioned if we were going to be able to pull this off.


Finally April 6th arrived!!! There were 15 of us on team "Lovin Life" ! For the Color Run everyone dresses in white (or at least a white T-shirt). While you run/walk/ride through the 5k there are color stations where the color team throws different colored powder on you! By the finish line you are a colorful work of art!! We all kind of ran/walked/rode at our own pace and just decided that we will all just meet back at the finish line. Alex and I kept a great pace the whole time. We jogged, talked and giggled our way along (even though she had already given me instructions that she doesn't/can't talk when she runs). As we got closer and closer to the finish line Alex started crying. Which is saying A LOT because the girl doesn't cry. But she started saying that this is something she didn't think that we would ever do together and it just meant so much to her. But I had to change the subject or I was going to start crying too! And as Alex wiped the tears from her eyes we crossed the finish line! Our group slowly but surely started coming together where we became a beautiful rainbow of colors!! It was a wonderful day with my girls!!


Plus one of the best parts is who the fundraiser was for! Children's Health Care of Atlanta. Which is where I spent almost 3 months when my leg was amputated but also MANY other times in my life! So I was so happy to be apart of raising money for them!


I'm so glad that I over came my stubbornness and my sister didn't let me just say no. And couple of us have already signed up for our next race!! Electric Run here we come!!!



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