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Stent set back

.Okay well a little set back tonight. The trip up here was pretty good. While checking in at the airport we got to check our luggage for free! Awesome bonus!! Once I got to the NIH I checked in, got an IV ( it took 4 sticks), got a CT, blood draw, and I've kinda been relaxing. One of my doctors came in tonight to go over all my blood work and CT from earlier. Well there is fluid still in the pocket from where the infection was. Right now we aren't sure if it's old or new. If it's old it's okay and they think it will absorb in to my body. But if it's new then that means that the stent hasn't fully healed. The stent will have to stay in and the fluid will have to come out. I dont know if that means more meds (I'm sure it will either way) or what. I really dont know either way. So our plan of action tomorrow is to get the last CT that I had done at home. We have to find out if this is old or new fluid. I guess I'll let yall know more tomorrow when I know something but that's the news for now.  We are hoping it's old fluid but even if it's new that's okay.  We will take care of the problem at hand.  I'm back in the care of my NIH doctors and I know we will get this fixed.  No that my doctors at home aren't wonderful but the NIH knows my body better than I do which is comforting.  So please keep up the prayers!  Prayers in numbers really do work and I know that the big man upstairs has His hands ALL over it.  As much as I want this stent out I dont want to cause other or new problems and I'm in high spirits about it all.  No worries here.

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