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Smyrna Youth Camp

I'm so excited for what God is doing in my life. And this past weekend I spoke at a youth camp in Conyers at Smyrna Presbyterian Church. And it was AWESOME! Okay so let's back up to a few months ago. A man that I work with asked for one of my business cards and told me that he was going to give it to the youth pastor at his church. In the past I was a little worried to speak to youth because I just wasn't sure if they would "get" my story or not but I thought hey if this is where God wants me, then thats where I'll be! So a couple of days later I get an email from Michael the youth pastor, he was telling me about their event, the dates and all the stuff you need to know. But he had also emailed me through Facebook as well and when I saw his picture I thought hey wait a second I know that guy! And after I did a little facestalking I realized that he went to high school with me and graduated with my brother in law. Small world.

I was really nervous about it because unlike normal events where I just speak once, I had to speak 4 times for this one. I even had to write a new speech for it. Friday night I didnt really speak much I just got up there and told them random things about myself. You know like I'm obsesssed with sweet tea, I was captain of my high school softball team, Tim McGraw once sang Mandy to me, and I love the color pink Then came Saturday morning. I did my normal "What Happened to Your Leg" speech. Which went great and then Saturday night I did my "Body image" speech. The first one is about my life. What has happened to me and how I lost my leg. But then include the things that help me get through each day. Then the second is about how everyone wants to be like everyone else. We conform to society and that's not what God put us here to do, and how he made us the way he did for a reason weather we like it or not, and how you need to embrace what he's given us. But then once realizing all of that being joyful in what he gives us. Sunday morning I did my normal speech again not only for the kids but for their parents and the church congregation. I think there were over 300 there for that service and I have been told that it was my best yet I really enjoyed my weekend with them!

I was very impressed with Michael too! He is where God wants him to be. He does wonderful with the kids and they love him! The way that he would tie eveything together and made it all work was awesome. He made fun times for the kids as ice breakers before a celebration would start. They played funny games like mintue to win it stuff. Friday night there was fetch it where you had two players on a team and you had to throw a small frezbee to your partner but they had to catch it in their mouth. Then 15 on two different teams. Each player was given a glow stick, lights went out, music came on and they had a dance off! Saturday games went from bouncing pencils in buckets, stacking ping pong balls, squeeker toys to water games. Everyone involved really seemed to have a great time. They also had an awesome set of guys leading worship. Two singers with guitars and then one guy on the bongos. Yes thats right I said bongos, and it was super!

I was kind of sad while I was there because I never went to anything like this when I was their age and I so wish I would have. But you can't focus on the path, God put me on the path that he wanted me and I wasnt able to go to them back then for a reason (mostly because I was sick back then). Although I started thinking okay the womens conferences that I go to now are like the youth weekends. So I guess I'm making up for it now. And even though I was worried about speaking to youth, there was no reason to be at all. God knew what He was doing, He is God, and he doesn't make mistakes. I just wanted to share with you what an awesome weekend it was. I sure hope the kids enjoyed it as much as I did. And for who ever is interested I have like 5 speaking engagements coming up, so be on the look out for new dates!

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