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Saying Good-bye to 2013

About a month ago I decided that I wanted to write a blog about the top 5 things that happened to me this year.  So, I started plotting and here's what I've come up with.

When I look back on 2013 the most memorable thing that happened hands down has to be my parent's kidney transplant.  For y'all that might be new to my blog; my family found out toward the end of 2012 that my mom was in desperate need of a kidney transplant.  After months of testing we found out that my dad was my mom's perfect match!  So, on Feb 15th (yes the day after Valentine's Day) my parents had their transplant.  When I look back it has been a very trying medical year for the two of them.  Dad had life threatening complications with blood clots and additional surgeries and mom went into rejection, as well as had a blockage and will have a lifetime of "upkeep".   But, today, they are both doing well!  The medical roller coaster is no new ride for our family.  However, this time roles were reversed since I was the caregiver and not the patient.  And I just have to say, I think I handle the patient role a lot better haha!  It's not that I don't think I could be a caregiver, but I would rather be the one to go through the pain and struggles than others. Throughout my medical history, my parents have stayed amazing marital examples.  They have been married for 35 years and now one gave up a part of their body to keep the other alive....well I just hope that I'm blessed enough to find a husband that would do the same.  Never did dad have a doubt about giving his kidney to mom.  I thank God for my AMAZING parents!

Something cool that happened this year is that I actually "rolled" in a couple of 5k's!  I have written a blog about this before, but I'll recap a little.  At the beginning of the year a friend and my sister decided they wanted to run at least one 5k a month; well of course I had to get in on that action!  Knowing that I couldn't walk the whole thing (I mean I could, but it would just mess up my under arms and it's just not worth it) so my sister suggested that she push me in my wheelchair.  My first 5k was the "Color Run"!  My Bellas (Bible Study/Prayer group), several friends and an out of state BFF all did it together!  It was so much fun!  That one went so well we did two more!  And I'm hoping to do more in 2014!

In the world of sharing my testimony, I had the incredible honor to speak at some pretty awesome events.  First was Angela Thomas' women's conference in North Carolina.  Angela is an amazing Bible teacher who travels the world sharing the Bible and her Jesus loving heart.  She came to me earlier this year and asked if I would come and share some of my story at her "Beautiful Life" conference.  It was such an honor to be a part of the day.  And then I was blowen away when I was asked to share my testimony before a Braves game for their "Belief in Baseball" event in July?  Even though it poured rain the entire time, I stood on top of the 1st base dugout and over the loud speaker, shared my story.  How cool is that?!?!?  I was fortunate to speak at churches, youth conferences, college chapels and other awesome places this year.   I love being able to share my story with anyone and everyone that will listen!   (By the way I have dates open for 2014!  I'd love to come and share my testimony at your event!)

While scrolling through pictures I realized I got to meet some pretty awesome people this year too.  Matthew West, the guys of Sanctus Real, Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Miss Kay Robertson, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Tim Tebow.  A few years ago as I wrote my testimony, I listened to Matthew West's song "Something to Say" over and over again for inspiration.  And now, before I share my story, I have my private prayer time and then I listen to that song to pump me up!  So getting to meet him this year was very cool. Anytime Sanctus Real comes on the radio, I always sing along, so to get to meet them in person was super cool!  They are totally  great guys to hang out with and they have awesome Jesus loving hearts too! That's  thumbs up from me! Now, my family and I were late bloomers when it came to watching Duck Dynasty; but once we discovered it, we were hooked.  So needless to say, I was pretty pumped to meet Willie, Jase and Miss Kay.  These people are true blue.  They walk the walk and talk the talk.  The Robertson's remind me of the Camerons when it comes to the strength in their faith.  Meeting Tim Tebow.....I still promise you guys that he and I are supposed to be friends. I'm pretty sure he wanted to hang out after we met buuuuut I'm still waiting for that to happen!  haha. 

How do I pick number 5?  I start sifting through my pictures over the last year and find weddings I've attended, babies being born, 1st birthday parties, going to Chicago for the first time, a trip to Disney, 2 New Kids On The Block concerts, a Justin Timberlake concert and so much more.  But, I think it would have to be when I found out that I'm going to be an aunt again! My neice is my sunshine when skies are gray.  She just makes me happy.  So, to find out we're going to have another baby girl joining our family in April, it's just another ray of sunshine in my life!  I can't wait!

I have to say, I am one blessed girl!  Even though 2013 has been rough, I like to find the shining stars to point out!  I can't wait  to see what God has in store for 2014!

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