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Really Miley??

I wasn't planning on writing a blog about this but honestly ever since I watched the VMA's last night I can't get the image out of my head.  I think you all know what I'm talking about and unless you haven't turned on the TV or internet in the last 24 hours I'm sure you've seen Miley Cyrus' performance by now.  Honestly I haven't watched MTV since well...high school.  And since NSYNC was performing I HAD to watch!! 

Like I said I was only planning on watching the Justin Timberlake/NSYNC part but when I saw Facebook and Twitter blowing up with Miley status' I knew I had to watch it.  I seriously sat here with my mouth wide open.  You see when I was 28 year old woman watching Hannah Montana and I owned up to it.  I'm still not ashamed of it.  I have been begging for wholesome tv and Hannah Montana seemed to be the closest thing that I could get to a T.G.I.F. Friday night family sitcom.  I had such high hopes for Miley to be a positive role model; someone who grew into their fame and who wouldn't turn into one of those child stars that we all have the "what went wrong" water cooler conversations about.  Boy was I wrong!

So as I'm sitting here with my mouth open and my heart is just breaking.  THIS is what our young girls have as a role model?  THIS is what teenagers think is okay?  Miley THIS is the kind of person that you want to be known for?  These are the type of people that we are making famous?  And all I kept thinking was we have to pray for her.  We have to pray for this generation.  I mean I'm sure this is how every generation feels about the up and coming generation but I mean REALLY?!?!  REALLY?!?!?   

The sad part is we are giving Miley what she wanted.  We are all talking about it today.  What's the saying, there is no such thing as bad publicity.  Well to me there is; because even though I'd like to buy my niece some Hannah Montana DVDs because I'm sure TV is just going to get worse and worse but after that display last night I will NEVER buy anything Miley.  No DVD's', no cd's, no songs....nothing.  But you know what I will give her?  Prayer. There is a sign that I have on my desk that says "Have you prayed about it as much as you've talked about it" and that hit so hard to my heart.  Every time the situation gets brought up or even hear her name instead of joining in the conversation I need to just stop and pray for her.  We need to pray for her and other artists out there.   The devil is all over this industry (well really everywhere) and we need to being praying for these people.  I wish they would open their eyes and see the amazing effects that they could have on this world.  Stars have this amazing platform that they could use but most of them are out for their own. They only want what's going to benefit them most.  It seriously breaks my heart.

This is why I love the Cameron family so much! Using their celebrity for good and working for the Lord.  But they are the ones who get torn apart by the media.  Going from child stars to amazing adults while staying in the industry.  They stand behind their morals/values and won't change them because the world changes.  " Do not conform to the pattern of this world" Romans 12:2 This is also why I love the Robertsons and Duck Dynasty so much.  A wonderful wholesome show, a good family and they even finish every episode with a prayer.  This is what we need more of!  We need to give the ratings to shows like this!  It's kind of like in the Field of Dreams "If you build it, they will come".  Well what ever we watch is what they are going to make.  

 "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" Matthew 18:20  I hope that you will pray with me for Miley, for Justin Beiber (that's a whole other soap box that I could get on that breaks my heart), for their parents, for the entertainment industry, and us.  Pray that we can turn away from the "guilty pleasures" that we tend to turn to so that they will stop making it.  We can change this.  Maybe not individually but together we can make a difference. 


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