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Praying for Jordan

Last week I got a text message from a friend asking me if I would talk to a friend of hers. Monica's (her friend) step daughter found out a few months ago that she has bone cancer and they are going to have to amputate her leg. Monica wants to know if you'll talk to them. Without a thought I of course agreed.

Then Tuesday of this week I get a phone call from Monica who started sharing with me about Jordan. Back in June Jordan was playing softball and got hit with a ball and had to go to the doctor. But while there found out that she had bone cancer. But even after heavy doses of chemo the cancer was still there and not decreasing in size. The only opition was given to her last week when doctors told her they needed to amputate her leg in order to stop the cancer. When I talked to Monica she said that Jordan is such a strong girl exspecially when dealing with things that a 14 year old shouldnt have to. She thought she would have a problem when her hair started to fall out but its never bothered her.

When it comes to our situations of how we lost our legs its completely different but when Monica was telling me about her she sounded alot like me when I was her age or even when I lost my leg. A young shy girl but seems to over come whatever she is faced with. I haven't met Jordan yet but I can't wait. This morning she had her surgery and Monica posted this just a little bit ago "jordan is out of surgery, and doing well. no blood loss and they are positive they got it all. she still has her leg all the way to right above her knee. about 30 minutes before she can see anyone. praise the lord. :-)"

I'm asking you this morning for prayers for Jordan and her family. They are going to have a bumpy road ahead of them. There are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days. But honestly that's how any life is, just different problems for different people. She's a young girl who just lost her leg and who I'm sure will have some body image issues, just like I did. And I pray that she embraces it. With the type of leg that she can get for the type of amputation she is she can get some awesome legs and majority of people will never even know she's an amputee. I pray for her attitude and her trust in the Lord. Attitude is a big part of rehab. Just like the little engine, if you think you can then you can! I want to motivate her and let her know that she can do anything and everything that she can put her mind to do. And if she still wants to play softball then she can, thats up to her! I played softball and I had never played a day until after I was amputated, so if she wants to play then she can play. Monica said something she taught her was to pray during her pain. Which I think is awesome! I want her to realize that God does everything for a reason and this didnt happen because He's punishing her for anything. He doesn't hate her, he loves her and he's using her for bigger things. Jeremiah 29:11 keeps popping up in my head, maybe because its my lifes verse. He has plans for us. Not to harm us but to give us hope and a future. She might not understand it now but He has a bigger plan for her, bigger than she could ever dream of. 20 years ago we had no clue why God had done this in our lives, but we always trusted in Him and looked to him for the answers. Maybe this is why. I have embraced my life as an amputee and trust in His will for my life so much that I'm supposed to help others in simular situations.

I pray for her family. Let them embrace her and let her know that she is still the same person. She is no different with one leg than she was with too, but now you get some extra little handicap perks which just makes her more awesome. Let them love on her. Let them lift her up when she's having a bad day. I pray for them to help her be independent and not do everything for her which is what we want to do so badly when we think someone is in pain or hurt. Please let them go to you Lord when they question what happens in their life, during good days and bad. Please remind them that she's a survivor and that you have a bigger plan for her, you have given her a job to do and its in the works. Make them her biggest cheerleaders and supporters like my family has been for me.

I can't get sweet Jordan off of my mind. Maybe because I know exactly what she's going through. Or maybe because I hope that she loves the life that the Lord has given her as much as I do mine, no matter what ups and downs we may have.

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