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Pay It Forward

Earlier this week I was having lunch with a co-worker at one of my favorite spots. Once we were seated I noticed a couple of tables over was a large party of teachers with disabled students. A couple of mintues later a teenage boy (I'm guessing he was around 16-18 years old) sat down by himself and occupied himself with his cell phone. My co worker and I chatted while waiting for our orders but then I became distracted. The table of teachers and students had finished and headed toward the door to their bus. The teenage boy jumped up and held open the door for the teachers and students until they were all loaded on to the bus. Once everyone was on board the boy went back to his seat and waited for his food. I just sat there in awe. Yes, over something as simple as that. A teenage boy jumping up to help someone. He wasn't asked or told, he just jumped up to help. I feel like sometimes I live in a world where people aren't taught manners or don't have common courtesy anymore. But the way this young man did something as easy as opening a door for someone, touched my heart and gave me hope that it is still being taught to our up and coming generations. So without him knowing, I paid for his meal. A good deed should be rewarded. I was going to write him a note and thank him for what he did and tell him I paid for his lunch but I wasn't going to sign it. It doesn't matter who did it (I didn't want credit for it) I just wanted him to know sometimes your actions get rewarded. But before I could write it, he asked for his check and his waitress told him it had already been taken care of. He was shocked, was sweet about it and then left. Since I wasn't able to give him the note of why I paid for his meal I hope he knows that he did something that stood out and others recognized his gesture!

Later that night mom and I road up to Charlee's gymnastics class. On the way there we noticed a little snow cone place. FYI Mom and I love us some snow cones! After class was over we stopped by for a little frozen treat for our drive home. When we pulled up there was a lady standing at the window placing her order. While standing behind her waiting my turn she struck up a conversation about flavor choices. She started telling me that she was getting the tasty treats for her three kids, mom and one for herself. Once her order was placed she grabbed two of the cups and said that she would come back for the others and headed to her empty car behind me. I told her not to worry I would grab the others for her and help her to her car. She told me I didn't have to, but I didn't feel the need of having to, I wanted to. I grabbed the other cups and handed them to her as she loaded her car. I headed back up to the window and placed my order (one cherry for mom and one cotton candy for me) and all of the sudden the girl who I had helped to the car popped back up beside of me and said I'm paying for hers. I told her she didn't have to do that and she was like no I want to and then asked for a of course I gave her a hug!

You never know who's watching or who you touch in your daily life. I wasn't planning on buying someones lunch that day just like I'm sure that girl didn't know she'd be buying me a snow cone; but we felt called to do it after an event that happened. I love the whole idea of pay it forward; and when you're feeling called to do it, DO IT! It's not about the amazing feeling that you get because you do it, it's about making someone else's day and showing them appreciation.

Have you ever paid it forward? I'd love to hear your story!

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