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My word for 2019 is....

So I'm going to start this off with an apology. I was planning on putting this blog out Jan 1st and here we are at Jan 23rd. But there are two things that made this delay happen. Even though it's true this is going to seem like an excuse but I have been SUPER busy with work. I work in a real estate office and the first of the year things get kind of crazy. But when I wasn't working there I was working on speaking. Booking/hopefully booking some events (if you would like me to come and speak at your church, women's event or youth event let me know who to contact: NAME, CHURCH AND EMAIL ADDRESS and I will reach out) and working on new merch. Plus there is just family, friends and normal life happening too. So I'm sorry! But really it's because of number 2 of why I haven't written it and that's because I was still trying to figure my word of the year out. I had already started writing the blog that I thought I was going to put out but something just didn't feel right about it and even though I thought it was my word of the year something just kept telling me that it wasn't. But then I figured it out and what I thought was my word now became a part of my actual word. So are you ready to know what it is???? My word for 2019 is DIFFERENT. I have a feeling right now you might be a little confused. Different? That's your word? So let me do a little big of explaining of why and how I picked this word. When I started praying about my word of the year initially the word that kept coming up was intentional and I really thought that was my word. But it just never really felt right and when I started trying to write the blog something told me to stop. I realized I was trying to put a deadline on myself just to get a blog out instead of really listening to what God wanted for me. So that's what I did. I stopped and prayed for more guidance. Then about a week later I was driving in the car and I was listening to my music that I have downloaded on my phone and the song Different by Micah Tyler came on. And it was like it hit me like a ton of bricks! THAT???S IT!!! THAT???S MY WORD!!!! And right now you're thinking but Mandy you are already so different than everyone else isn't this word a little easy for you? And yes I see why you might think that. But this is not the way that I'm using it. I'm not using it because of my crazy gene situation or because I only have one leg. Yes I usually stand out in the crowd physically and medically but I want to be different for Jesus. I want for people to see me but know that I'm oozing with His joy and confidence and know that it could only be because of Him. I socially want to be different too and that's where the word intentional comes in. I want to be more intentional about what I'm doing, where I am and who I'm with. I want to be present. I want to put the phones away unless someone is showing me or unless I'm showing someone something. But then as soon as that is done put the phone back up. I've noticed more and more we are all distracted with our phones. One thing leads to another and it's like a rabbit hole. Pulling out the phone and texting someone back and having a convo but then not really paying attention to the person that is sitting right in front of us. That can make them feel unappreciated or unimportant. We don't mean to but it happens. I want to be present in the moment and take notice of it instead of trying to capture it on my phone. I want to build real relationships. I want to out pour the love of Jesus on people. When I'm waiting in line, in an elevator or in a waiting room I don't want to jump on my phone to fill my time I want to talk and socialize with people. Make new friends, learn about people and get to know each other again. I want to step out of my comfort zone and do more of the things that make me uncomfortable. God doesn't ask us to be comfortable. I want to go beyond what I know and try new things. I am usually very open to trying things (foods or activities) but I want to do more of that. I can already see myself getting in a rut and I don't want that. I want to go where God wants me to go. Usually in these situations or places is where we can really see God using us, changing us for the better or just have an amazing time. We just have to be open to allowing ourselves to step out on faith and know that we are protected and God's got this even if I don't. I want my walk to be different. I want to find a new church home. Some where that I can learn, get involved and grow more in my faith. I haven't had a home church in a little while and I've given a lot of excuses of why I haven't found a new one. But that stops. I'm going to have to do some visiting and find where God is leading me in that journey but I have to make the steps to make that happen. I want to learn and I want to grow. I want to join a new bible study. And be a part of a group of other believers. Not just where we meet once a week and talk about the study but where we are also a part of one another's lives. I want to handle my ministry differently. I want to work at it more and that starts with me. I have different projects I'd like to work on for it but haven't finished any of them and I'd like to change that. I need to write more blogs and interact with you more on social media. I need to focus more on my ministry. Unlike a lot of people in this world I know why I was put on this Earth. I am supposed to be used in the medical world. Being a human lab rat that is my job and I know that. But I also know that a a part of that is speaking and showing people what God has done in my life and giving Him the glory for it all; while trying to help others realize their trails and struggles are building them to be the person that God created them to be. "I wanna be different. I wanna be changed. Till all of me is gone and all that reminds is the fire so bright the whole world could see that there is something different so come and be different in me." "I don't wanna spend my life stuck in a pattern. And I don't wanna gain this world but lose what matters." ''So take this beating in my heart and come and finish what you started. When they see me let them see you'' These are the lyrics of the song Different by Micah Tyler that stand out to me and that are encouraging me to be different. Every day I am going to listen to this song as I begin my day. Just like when I speak. Every time before I speak I listen to Matthew West ''Something To Say''. Its my pump up song and reminds me why I'm doing what I'm doing. That's what I'm planning on doing with Different. I am going to remind myself every day of what I want and who I want to be for Him. I want to be different. Not for me but for Him. And while yes I am already so different I want to stand out more. It's already amazing at how God has already changed my heart from when I was a young girl who was newly amputated and the only thing I wanted to do was fit in and be like everyone else. But as I've grown and gotten closer to God and have realized He wants me to do anything except be like everyone else. I have grown to love my differences and just want to stand out more. I feel like I wanna live out the Dr Seuss motto of ''why fit in when you were born to stand out!?'' That is so me. But I don't want to take glory for it or for it to be for my own wants and needs. I want to do it for God. I want to be the person that He designed me to be. So here am I am being different and just waiting to see what all He has in store! Did you pick a word for 2019??? What is it and why? What are you going to do with it?

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