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My Crazy Little Life

I will admit I am not a hot weather person, it's more like bring on the cold for me! Although I will admit that I miss pool hang outs, sun dresses and most of all my tan! And even though Winter is ending ( I don't really even think we had a Winter this year) and Spring is popping up (although In GA you don't really even get a Spring, we basically have two seasons, Summer and a tiiiiiny bit of Winter) I'm trying to hype myself up for summer. And with Spring comes my crazy little life. For some reason my calendar seems to get jammed packed when Spring rolls around. I guess it's that coming out of hibernation mode.

Right now I'm pretty much working 3 to 4 jobs, which that right there keeps me busy enough. During the day I put on my receptionist hat. I've been working at my office for 11 years now (which is crazy to think that I'm old enough to have been out of high school and working somewhere for that long already). Throughout my day I also work for Roo Magazine! Roo is an online magazine that was started by one of my friends Candace Cameron Bure! Ladies if you haven't checked it out yet, you need to! I am the Social Media Manager for Roo, which basically means I tweet and facebook for them! I read through the articles, give you a little sneak peek, tell you about giveaways, introduce you to the contributors and anything and everything else that's going on there.  Job #3 is traveling with Candace! This is one of my favorites! Candace travels around to churches and women's conferences and shares her testimony. I love watching her use her celebrity to spread Gods message. When you come and hear her speak it's not a bunch of Full House or Make it or Break it talk, it's walking you through her faith and her walk and I promise you if it doesn't make you realize things you are doing wrong then you aren't even listening to her! I love watching her touch the lives of people that come and hear her speak and I also love watching people interact with her! When she's on the road I'm kind of like a personal assistant. Anything and everything she needs I try to handle for her, I'm there to be her support and her friend, to sell her products (she has t-shirts, a book, autographed pictures, and CDs of her testimony...if you'd like any of this visit her website ), and anything else that might come up in the meantime. If she's ever speaking around you, you need to come!!

And last but not least I'm a speaker! This is my newest passion for life! Years ago I had been ask to do a little speaking and I did it but pretty much against my will. I hated it and after I would speak somewhere I would look at my mom and tell her never again. Then I started traveling with Candace (this was about 6 or 7 years ago) and I would sit there and listen to her and other speakers and one day it was like God just pushed me out of my chair and said "Mandy why are you not doing this for me? I have given you a story that no one else has, I've let you live through all of that, I've given you a personality where you've never met a stranger and a mouth that never shuts up! Why are you not using it for me?!?!" That weekend I talked to Candace about it and started on my way. My attitude about speaking is completely different then it was. Before I was doing it for me or for other people. But now I'm doing it for HIM! It has meaning, it has purpose,and it's what I'm supposed to do. It's funny how much I love it now! When you are in the middle of God's will it just feels right! I'm just beginning and I already have so many ideas. I can't wait to see where God puts me and uses me.

So yes right now my life is a little crazy, I mean those are just my jobs that doesn't even include my family or social life! But I love it this way. I leave in the morning to head to my first job and then normally don't get home until around 10 or 11pm get ready for bed and do it all again the next day. I love this life that God has given me the honor to live and I am happy to do whatever He wants with it! So Spring I already know you're going to be jammed packed, but I'm ready for you! Let's do this!

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