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Messy Beautiful Love

I love getting little surprises in the mail! Being an adult and going to the mail box just isn't fun anymore; it's usually full of bills or junk mail. But, sometimes you walk to the box and surprise! There's a little something from someone you love! This happened to me the other day.

On this particular day I received a large manila envelope. I ripped it open to see what was inside. To my surprise it was a new book by Darlene Schacht (! It's not even on the shelves yet and here it is in my mailbox! I knew my friend had been working on a book, but it was a book on marriage and I couldn’t imagine her sending me that one. Had she been writing two books at one time? So I read the title, Messy Beautiful Love (Home and redemption for real life marriages); nope this is the book that she has been working on. So why? Why, would she send me a book on marriage and want my opinion on it? Ummm hello, I'm SINGLE!

Still confused I decide that I will do what I have been asked to do and read her book and give her my opinion. Over the next couple of days I dove in to this book and finished it within three days. Now just let me tell you; if you know me at all you know I am NOT an avid reader especially reading something so quickly. I so enjoyed this book; this book on marriage. I'm just going to highlight my favorite three things!

1. Breaking down love/marriage from 1 Cor. 13:4-8 - This has to be one of the most popular and traditional verses used in a wedding ceremony. And honestly I think we have all heard it so much that we kind of overlook it instead of live it. But Chapter 4 does just that! It breaks down all of the qualities that love is in God's eyes and then explains how to live that throughout your marriage. For example when it talks about: Love Always Protects. The advice that she gives is "Prayer is a powerful tool in any marriage, but too often it's considered a last resort." After this she explains what she means by that. I would explain it to you but I'm not giving away her bits of information because you need to read about it all for yourself!

2. Explaining the true Biblical explanation of submission - My sweet friend Candace Cameron Bure has been in the media multiple times because of her views on being a submissive wife. In 2014 the definition of submission seems to have changed since Biblical times. We think this word means to be walked on, beaten up and not having a voice; or at least from comments on Candace's blogs and during interviews, it seems to be what they think of when they hear the term submissive wife. That's not at all what this means and chapters 6 & 9 explain the TRUE definition of being a submissive wife. Love it!

3. The Proverbs 31 Woman - In chapter 14 we get a break down of the Proverbs 31 woman. When reading about the Proverbs 31 woman I think we all think instantly, who in the world can be that perfect?!?! The only person comparable, but more perfect, was Jesus! Here's the thing we know; we are never going to be perfect. But in this chapter she breaks down the Proverbs 31 woman and then explains how we can incorporate her characteristics into our own lives and be more like her. Not her, but more like her.

While reading the book I could relate to it even though I'm not married. I feel like sometimes when people are explaining or giving advice on marriage these tips can also work with relationships in general. Between a friend, a sibling, a parent or even to a stranger. By teaching us how to be a better person in general. But also while reading this book I knew that Darlene sent it to me knowing that I was single and just wanted me to have a copy; but I also realized I received it because of God. He wants me to have this book to teach me what a Godly wife He wants and asks me to be. How awesome is that? I'm getting to do research and learn how to be a Godly wife before I'm even married!

One of my life mottos is "I'd rather be proactive than reactive". By reading this book I am being proactive in my marriage before I even have a boyfriend that I'm interested in marrying. HA-HA! Sounds silly but I think it's ingenious! I remember when the movie Fireproof came out. I decided that when I needed a wedding gift, I would make a Fireproof inspired basket filled with the movie, the Love Dare devotional, a blanket, popcorn, movie candy, drinks for a movie night basket. I wouldn't give this gift to couples because I felt they were going to fail, but because I wanted them to be prepared for any problems that could arise. Every marriage is going to have bumps in the road so you might as well be prepared!

I recommend this book to anyone single or married. Single girls, start doing the research now for the help meet that you were designed to be. Married women need it too. While reading, I could envision people that it might help because the advice could guide them to happier marriages and also make them happier with themselves. You ask, how could they be happier with themselves because of a marriage book. Because when you are in the center of God's will and becoming the person that He has designed you to be, His joy and other fruits of the Spirit fill you.

So ladies I'm giving this book 2 thumbs up! And guess what? Messy Beautiful Love releases today so you don’t have to wait to buy your copy!!! And as a bonus, the publishers have been awesome enough to let me give away two copies! So ladies, single or married, if you write a comment on this post you will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of your very own! I will draw the winners on Friday! Good luck!

Don’t want to wait? Buy your copy here:  Plus there is a free chapter on this site too!! 


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