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March Madness

Wow it's already the middle of March, today is actually my Bompa's birthday!!  I decided a couple of days ago I have to get better about blogging and keeping my website up to date!  I am going to try to write a new blog at least once a week and upload a new picture once a week!  That shouldnt be too hard should it??  Haha, we'll soon see.

March has been a busy month.  Which is what I love I would much rather be busy than slow.  It seems like real estate is picking up, which is great for work!  For all of those that dont know I work in a real estate office, and things have been pretty slow but we're picking up!  Hopefully it will just go up from here.  I have been at my office almost 9 years and I love the people I work with.  But last year was a hard year for us all.  Real estate was  booming a couple of years ago and we all got used to the money and life styles that we were living in, and then the down slide hit.  But God has to bring us to a breaking point and I believe that we have hit that.  I hope others have done like I have and turned to Him and talked to Him and asked for help.  And it seems as though things are picking back up so it can only go up right??

This week has been great, I guess it really started with this past weekend.  Friday Mom and I drove to Columbia, TN for a womens conference.  Candace was speaking there; so Mom and I went to help.  The rain was AWFUL.  We had to stop a couple of times just to wait for the rain to calm down. We were both so nervous.  For those that dont know I have a fear of driving in the rain.  9 years ago I hydroplaned totaling my car and have been scared to drive in the rain ever since.  But there was one point in to the trip we were almost in the mountains and the rain was pouring and all of the sudden Mom gasped, everyone was hitting their brakes, car running off the side of the road semi's changing lanes and trying not to jack knife.  The cars behind us were all doing the same.  We held on tight and waited for impact but when I lifted my eyes everyone was sitting still.  No one had hit each other!  What could have easily been a 15 car pile up, with 10 of those being semi's, had all safely stopped.  God had his hands ALL over that whole situation!!  But the Womens conference was great!  Tim Hawkins was there, he is awesome!  If yall dont know who he is, youtube him!  It's worth it!  Then we got to have lunch with the christian group Selah.  They are awesome!  Great people and just had the best time with them and felt like I had known them forever!  Hopefully I'll get to see them again soon!

Then Monday I spoke for the Woman Inspired Conference:Get Revived!  It was awesome!!  Candace introduced me, which was so special!  She is crazy busy right now but took time out of her day to do something like that for me!  She's such an awesome friend; I love her!  My speech went really well, I spoke for about 30-40 mins and then did a 20 min question and answer session.  I was so happy at the way it turned out and had some really good responses.  So I'm a happy girl! 

The work week if flying by and this weekend I'm traveling to NC to go see my family!  I haven't gotten to see my cousins since September and I am missing them like crazy!  Plus with it being Bompas birthday we'll have a little party.  I can't wait, tomorrow afternoon can't get here fast enough   Hope yall are having a great week!

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