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Lovin Life 5K-June 5,2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that participated, donated, volunteered, prayed for, and or had anything to do with Lovin Life 5k!! It was awesome!!!! As you all know last Friday was my 20th anniversary for the life saving amputation of my leg. Last week got a little hectic trying to work and getting everything ready for Saturday. We had a family emergancy happen Wednesday night when Alex & Chads nephew fell head first off of a lumber cart at Home Depot. After taking Cooper to the hospital a CT scan showed that he had a fractured skull and his brain was bleeding. He was then sent to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta and thats where they found a blood clot on his brain. So Thursday night we all went to the hospital. It was a little strange sitting in the ICU waiting room and thinking 20 years ago to that day my family was sitting in the same area waiting to hear about me. As we left the hospital that night Mom took pictures of Alex and I by a hospital sign. 20 years ago when I was admitted into that hospital only God knew I would be leaving that hospital alive. Doctors had given up all hope but my parents were faithful in prayer and gave our situation totally to God. Which is what you have to do when you are completely broken.

Friday we were all on edge not knowing if Cooper would have to undergo surgery for his blood clot. The clot did not shrink like doctors were hoping but it had not grown like they had expected. So doctors just kept an eye on him and did CT's throughout the day checking on the clot. His blood clot has stayed the same and after 6 days in ICU doctors believe that he'll make a full recovery without surgery and Cooper is now at home! Praise the Lord! I spent my anniversary at our Conyers office while we had a our annual company yard sale. After work I went to help Alex stuff envelopes and get things ready for the 5k! That night she and I went and had dinner, just the two of us, which we dont get to do much anymore. It was lovely.

Saturday morning started bright and early at 5 am!!!! If you know me well, you know I'm a pretty happy person but that happiness doesn't start happening till at least 10ish. I got cleaned up and was out the door at 6:15 to go and blow up balloons and head to Elks Aidemore (the race venue) to start setting up! Luckily Alex, Mom and Dad had already spent 4.5 hours on Thursday putting out directionals We got our tent, the start/finish line, timer, sound system, water, snacks, signs, banners and all that other fun stuff out and were ready for the crowd. Before 8:00 the registration table was hoppin! I think we had 20 people sign up the day of, which I was so excited about, in total we had over 100 runners/walkers. At 8:30 Alex got up and thanked everyone for coming and participating and then I even got up and told everyone how much I loved them and how much it meant for me to have all this support. Around 8:45 the air horn was blown and eveyone was on their way.

Our first place runner (Nandor Tamaska) was back to the was back to the finish line in 23 mins! Amazing! And for the next hour we cheered as a runner or walker would cross the finish line. Then came closing cerimonies where we gave out gold, silver and bronze metals to our first, second and third place winners!

There are a couple of things that we will change for next year. One is we will have EMT on site! I'm sorry to Jake Cason who had to be our guinea pig for this one! Jake had a heat stroke at the 5k and was in the hospital from Saturday until Tuesday. Thank you to all that prayed for him and his recovery! Another change will be mile markers! That was one request that I kept hearing as people would cross the finish line. And hopefully we'll even have people out with the mile markers just in case people get a little turned around or need anything else! This was our first 5k ever so you have to live and learn and that's what this was! So if you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them!

I really can't thank you guys enough for all the support you show me every day! I have been so touched by the response to Lovin Life and I already can't wait for next year and I know that once Alex gets caught up on her sleep she'll be excited too!! There is NO way of this would have happened if it weren't for Alex (I mean it was her idea and all). You guys have no idea how much work went in to this event and she did EVERYTHING! This was her project and I deserve none of the credit (except for the air horn, I did that! haha), this was ALL her! God blessed me with a sister, best friend, cheerleader, supporter, rock, shoulder, and soul mate 25 years ago. I will never be able to thank Him enough for what He has done for me or for blessing me with the people he has put in my life, like my amazing sister and all of yall!!

I know that Camp Firefly will be so excited to receive our donation! Once Alex gives me the final count I will let you know what it is but I dont know what that is yet! But no matter what it is, every little bit helps! And to a sick child getting to go on vacation like all other "normal" kids is an amazing event that helps lift their spirits more than you'll ever know! If you would like more info on Camp Firefly please visit their website I'm also going to make a fan page on Facebook for Lovin Life so I hope you'll become a fan!! Oh and just in case you dont know YES the photographer that was at the 5k has the pictures up on his website. Go to Click on Lovin Life and there are three different albums!

Again thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE!!!! I can not say thank you enough and I can't ever express how much I love all of you!!! Start getting ready for next year!!

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