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Latest NIH update

I thought I would once again update you guys on what's going on health wise. I went back to Maryland last week. The original plan for this trip was to have a CT and then have the stent removed. But to much of all of our surprise the CT didn't look that great. There were still signs of infection and lots of inflammation. The infection that they found we aren't sure if it's old or new. Rockdale had not sent the NIH the scan that had been done the day before I got discharged to show how much improvement there was once they drained the abscess. We had to request those scans which were being Fed Ex'ed up there but they still weren't there by the time I left. They said that if it's old infection, basically what was left over from the abscess then it's okay and there really isn't that much left and it could just absorb into my body over time. But if the abscess was completely drained and this is new infection then we need to be worried. Plus the inflammation throws up another red flag. It had been about 4 weeks since I had had the procedure and there was still a lot of swelling (around the stent area) and they could even see the pathway of where they drained the abscess on the scan. I have been on antibiotics since I was released from Rockdale and all of that should have been cleared up by now; but it's not. With all of that being said I have now been put on two extra medications to help fight what else might be going on in there. I'm staying on the first just in case this is the same infection that isn't completely gone, so that should help clear that up. The other two are to fight something that we haven't found. That's the awesome (yes that's sarcasm) part about my disease. My body creates it's own storm. The original storm was man made but my body could be doing what it likes to do for fun and causing it's own problems. So these two extra antibiotics are to help cover anything that we might be missing or that my body could be hiding right now. I'll go back in a few weeks to get everything checked back out. Hopefully everything will be clear and the stent will be ready to come out.

But all is well no worries. Like I've said before I know that God has His hands all over this and it's not about IF I'll get better its WHEN will I get better? Until then I'm fine. He's teaching me during this time, now I just have to learn

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