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Kissin the Stent Good-bye!

YAY tomorrow is stent removal day!!! I have been waiting for this for over two months. I know that doesn't seem too long exspecially in the medicial world but believe me I've played this waiting game for so many things so many times but I'm ready for this one to be over.

Removal will be at 7:30 am! I'm a little nervous because they aren't putting me to sleep to take out the stent!! Yes you read that right. They act as though it isn't that big of a deal just taking it out. But I dont like the thought of being awake, I wanted at least to be twilighted or something! I have been told that it only takes about 5 mins to do the whole thing.

I was originally supposed to get to come home Friday but they want to keep me for a few days and have my blood drawn daily just to make sure that everything is healing okay once the stent is out! I get to come back to the hotel and stay with mom instead of being admitted into the hosptial which is nice. I'll either be home Saturday or Sunday, we aren't sure yet. I'll stay on my antibotics for 4 weeks and then come back up in 2 months for a check up! I think I can handle that!

So please pray for my nerves to be calm and for a safe healthy removal of the stent!

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