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Keep It Shut

I love sharing new material with you guys! Today it’s a new Bible Study called "Keep It Shut" by Karen Ehman. This amazing author happens to be a friend of mine. But don't think just because she's a friend is the reason I'm telling you about this study; it's the subject itself! As women we tend to open our mouths too much, too little or too often. I'm sure at some point in all of our lives our mouths have gotten us in trouble. This study is teaching us how to think before we speak, controlling our tongues and even conscience when expressing our social media thoughts. I was lucky enough to interview Mrs. Keep It Shut herself! Here's a little of what she wanted to share with you about her newest study!

Mandy: What inspired you to write "Keep It Shut"?

Karen: Almost 3 decades of my mouth getting me in trouble! Seriously. It is the old case of a strength being carried to an extreme, which now becomes a weakness. I love to talk. However, if left unchecked, my mouth can also be up in a mess of trouble.

Mandy: What is the #1 lesson you want your readers to learn with this book?

Karen: To learn to engage their brain before they open their mouth. To pause before they pounce. To stop saying things that are permanently painful just because we are temporarily ticked off.

Mandy: I believe our mouths get us all in trouble at some point in our lives.....where do you think we get ourselves in the most trouble?

Karen: Usually with those who are closest to us. Mostly our family. Somehow we can hold it together for strangers or even for friends, but we often let loose on those we love the most. Familiarity does breed contempt. It is true. We need to learn to treat our family members as well as we treat others when it comes to what we say.

Mandy: I know Keep It Shut is filled with Biblical teachings and verses for us to cling to, but is there one that you could share with us now to teach us to watch our tongues before and as we read this little gem?

Karen: I think this verse is one of my favorite: Proverbs 18:12 “Fools find no pleasure in understanding

but delight in airing their own opinions.” I don't want to be thought of as a fool. Therefore, sometimes I just need to keep it shut!

Mandy: Does this book have a Bible Study? And can we buy any or all of it now?

Karen: Yes! A six-week DVD study with a Bible study workbook that is also out and ready for group or individual use. The links are copied below.



DVD with one Bible study workbook:

Single Bible study workbooks:

Oh and how about a bonus question?

Mandy: Who do you love more, me or Candace Cameron Bure?? hehe

Karen: I refuse to answer on the grounds that either way I answer, I might get clobbered with a crutch or kicked cha-cha style by a TV star.

Even though she chickened out of the last question; I can’t wait to do this study!! I hope that you are excited about it too! If you or your bible study group decides to partake in Keep It Shut let us know what you think!!

Be sure to follow Karen on Facebook, Instagram: KarenEhman and Twitter: karen_ehman

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