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I'm not lucky

As y'all know a couple of months ago The NIH got a Lasker Award (as if I haven't bragged on it enough) and for that we had to tape a video to go along with it. I sat facing a camera and off screen sat the interviewer asking questions and then I would answer. You know pretty standard stuff. The questions were pretty normal; my name, my disease, why I started coming to the NIH, and how is it different then other hospitals. And then I was prompted about comparing the NIH and the medicine they use and how I got to come there to magic. I looked at the interviewer and said I'm sorry I don't think I can answer that question. He looked at me a little puzzled and I explained to him about how I didn't believe in magic. I believe in God. It's not an accident that the NIH was brought in to my life and I in to theirs. God has this master plan and this was all apart of it. Medicine, science, me and the NIH are all missing puzzle pieces that God had already mapped together and then put together. It's not magic. Everyone knows that magic isn't real. But what the NIH and I have is very real. I have a God that is very real. And He has plans that are very real. So nope I can't blame or compare this to magic in anyway. He sat back and was like okay and then continued on with his interview. Afterward a lady that works for the hospital came up to me and said I'm a believer too and I'm so proud of you for answering the magic question the way that you did. I told her I knew I'm sure it wouldn't make the video but hey I put it out there. (It didn't make it)

This is also the same way I feel about people telling me I'm lucky to be alive. I'm not lucky, I'm blessed! I'm blessed in all that I have. Luck is pretty much like magic. I don't really believe in "luck" and I'll use the term lightly like when someone gets a day off of work that you normally don't I tell them they are a lucky duck, but when I'm talking about getting to keep my life....that my friend means I'm blessed.

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