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I <3 my family

I have wanted to write a blog all day but I have been on the verge of tears all day (thank you stupid cyst) so I waited until I was at home and could cry if I needed to. My co-workers have seen me a cry enough lately ha-ha.

Huge news hit our family last night. Two years ago in April my cousin was murdered. Within the week that he was murdered police were able to arrest the three men who were apart of this horrible act. Over the last year and a half we have been worried sick that these men were going to get released and be out amongst the world once again. My family (my uncle, aunt, and cousins) have all been to the court house during the trial and I have worried about my families lives because these gang members know what my family looks like and maybe other details about them. These horrible men do not need to be out living like the rest of us, they have already taken my cousins life and I don’t want the possibility of someone or another family having to go through what our family has. Yesterday all three men were sentenced! One got 12-15 years and the other two got 28-35 years! Justice has been served! We don’t have to worry that these guys are going to be out any time soon. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about Zach or the day he was killed. My heart breaks for his parents, sister and brother but mostly for his son. Jax was only 3 when his father was killed. He has been told that his daddy is gone to work with Jesus and recently asks more and more when will daddy be done working with Jesus because he misses his daddy. He doesn’t understand and he won’t for some time. That’s not fair for a child that young to have to go through. But it’s up to us, his family to let him know what a kind hearted sweet soul his daddy was. Yes rough around the edges and got mixed in with the wrong crowd but was the first to help his family and loved to be with us. And now as I had predicted earlier….the tears are rolling. This verdict isn’t going to bring our Zachy back but it is some kind of safe closure.

Okay on to a happier note….more family news! Today is my parent’s 33rd wedding anniversary!! Wow, how amazing! I can’t even imagine having a relationship for a year, but wow 33! Hopefully one day I’ll know what that kind of love is like but for right now I’ll just keep taking notes from my parents. As all know I have an amazing family that I look up to and enjoy more than you’ll ever know. My parents met while in high school (different high schools mind you). They graduated in June, my mom turned 18 in October and they were married in Dec. Two and a half years later they started their little family and 9 months later is when my life threatening infections started. They were barely 21 and had to grow up very very fast. They had no idea the life that God had in store for them but MAN how they’ve handled it. They have set such a standard and are A-MAZ-ING examples to Alex and me. I have seen hospital families fall apart time after time, but not mine. We stick together through thick and thin. Nothing comes between us. And I’m proud to say that I believe that Alex and Chad will have that same kind of marriage. They remind me so much of mom and dad and Charlee is going to be such a blessed little girl. Mom&Dad thank you so much for the love and the family that you have made. I can never say thank you enough for all that you do and all that you are. Thank you for being the type of parents that my friends and I wanted to hang out with instead of be embarrassed by. Thank you for being strict and going against the grain while Alex and I were growing up knowing it was for our own good and not just letting us do whatever we wanted. We are so blessed beyond any words could say to have you as parents. I love you both more than you’ll ever know.

Okay crying again! But my family is such a soft spot in my heart and this is why I knew I had to write this while I wasn’t at work!

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