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Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yes Yes I know this is a couple weeks late but still thought I should write it. Thank you to everyone who sent something to may page, called, text messaged, or whatever to wish me a happy birthday! It makes you feel good when people show their love for ya, and your birthday is YOUR day and it's just nice. So thank you for making me feel special.

One thing I was really happy about was the curse of the birthday nine was broken! Not that I'm superstitious or anything but I was a little worried about this birthday. Every birthday that I have ever had that ends in a 9 I end up in the hospital. 9 months old is when my whole craziness started and I had spinal meningitis the first time. At 9 years old I lost my leg. At 19 I had an infection in my elbow and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. So yeah I was a little nervous about turning 29. I really thought or at least hoped that if I did end up in the hospital on my 29th birthday it was because I was having a baby. But since I'm not married there was no chance of that happening so I was getting worried. And I had this plan that I would die at 99 because thats double nines which would be double bad so I would die then, but you've had an awesomely long life at 99 so that would be okay. The family was wanting to get a way and have a nice vacation but I was a scared to leave Atl. But the week before my birthday I said you know what forget this I can't be scared about this, if I get sick they are just going to ship me to Maryland anyway so they can ship me from the beach. But June 18th came and went with no problems what so ever. I started off my morning when text messages and happy birthday voicemails. We spent the day out at the pool or our hotel. My favorite thing at the beach is to get a low chair, put it right at edge of the water so that my foot/leg get wet, put on my ipod and just soak up the sun. So I was about to go and do that when Chad came down from our room and said that something was going on down at the beach and everyone was out of the water. Alex and Chad went to see what it was all about....and there was an alligator!!!! Craziness! So we skipped the beach that day and just stayed at the pool. Then we got cleaned up and went to our favorite place to eat for dinner. It was a wonderful enjoyable birthday! I'm just really glad that the curse of the 9 birthday has been broken!! Oh happy day! So anyway that's the story of this years birthday!

But yall get ready because next year is the big 3-0!!! Holy cow!!! But I want to do a HUGE cruise birthday bash. Who ever wants to go can go! Let me know if your interested. I'm gonna start talking to a travel agent soon!

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