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I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face for all the love I've already recieved from Facebook this morning. I mean if Facebook is good at only doing one thing (even though we all know that we love it for 1,000 reasons) it sure knows how to make you feel awesome on your birthday. Sure a lot of people only know it's your birthday because it pops up on the side of their screen when they sign on, but it really doesn't matter, they have taken the time to click on your name and say something to you! Last night I couldn't even sleep just knowing that today is my birthday. I felt like I was 5 years old all over again waiting for Santa to come. It's not even like we are doing anything big today, it's just the fact of knowing it's my birthday!

I know that everybody thinks that I'm a little crazy about my birthday. They laugh when they find out that I want a big party ever year and I'm okay with the fact that I'm another year older. I'm not the kind of girl that celebrates her 21st birthday over and over again. And I don't see myself becoming the girl that celebrates her 29th over and over again either. Honestly I love getting older, I feel like I'm only coming more into myself. I love the person that I am and that I'm becoming with each passing day. But here is my actual take on my birthday. I want to make a fuss over my birthday and here's why. I have fought now for 31 years to stay alive. A lot of people don't have that struggle in their life, they don't understand that battle, it's something they take for granted. I have FOUGHT for my 31 years. And it's another year that the Lord has let me live! He could take me away at any time. My life isn't up to me when it's over it's up to Him. And he's blessed me enough to let me celebrate another day of another year. That year behind me is like an achievement. So yes I'm going to live it up!

So in honor of this day, I have taken off work. I will spend it with the ones I love; my family and friends. I will thank God for not another year of 29 but welcome 31 with open arms. It's not about the number (because that's all age is it's only a number) it's about the person you've grown to be. And honestly I'm pretty much done with 30, it wasn't the best year of my life it was filled with struggle. BUT it was a year of my life that taught me more about myself, helped me to grow more in to God, and to make me in to the person I am today. And for those things I thank God. He knows me best. He knows what I need. And I'm reminded on this day of my life verse "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, Plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 He knows what's best and maybe He made 30 such a struggle so I would welcome 31 gracefully, only He knows. But I thank Him for every bit of it. It goes along with His plan for me and His plan is so much better than my own!!

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