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Halloween 2011

So let me let you in on a little secret about myself. I'm not a big fan of Halloween. It's not because I don't like to get dressed up, because I do (nothing scary though). And I love the fact that I get to wear crazy fun fake eye lashes all day and no one cares! I don't like Halloween because I am scared of people dressed in costumes. And I'm not talking like kinda scared, I'm talking breaking out in a panic attack scared. I will say it's getting a little better, but if I see a mask on some ones face I break out into cold swears, start having hot flashes.....I just don't like it.

Every year at my office we have a little office Halloween party. We all dress in costumes (well the fuddy duds don't but the fun people do), we have an office caravan (agents pick a house that they have listed and the agents all go look at them), then they all come back to the office for chili dogs and our costume contest. Every year I do something fun and playful. My costumes always have to be based around the eye lashes I want to wear (priorities of course)! But a couple of years ago Alex was working at my office and we decided to dress together and we had the perfect costume in mind and were sure that we would win the contest! Hands down, there was no way anyone could beat us!

Alex dressed in gray scrubs, put in vampire teeth, bloodied around her mouth, had cut the blade off of a huge sword and placed it in the middle of her back. I wore a bathing suit but also had on flesh colored leggings. On the left legging I shredded up the leg and covered it in blood and Alex finished off her costume with carrying around my fake leg. Yep that's right, she was the shark and I was her victim! We knew that no one else could pull this off, we were a sure win! When we walked inside every ones mouths dropped open! We had our chili dog party and it was time for prizes. 3rd place was given...not us, 2nd place was given....not us! We knew we had it in the bag, and then 1st place was given out....and it WASN'T us!!!! Shocked I approached the judges, but I was told that they could not condone my sick sense of humor. I was so mad! If I would have gone down town I would have won with that costume but at my own office Halloween party (them knowing I have a sense of humor about the whole leg thing) and I couldn't win. I vowed at that moment I wouldn't waste another creative one legged costume on them again (yes, I was bitter). So for the last couple of years I have just been back to my cutesy things.

Now it's Halloween 2011 and I was thinking about being something cute again, figuring out what kind of eye lashes I wanted to sport this year, but then I found out what the grand prize would be for the costume contest....a 19'' flat screen TV!!! I thought to myself, okay I can come up with something fun and creative. I had a couple of ideas but they all used my one legged humor in them. So I thought OK, I'm gonna try this one more time! I was working with little time so my mom and I started discussing and figured out the easiest way to make one. She made me a pillow case dress with fringe on the bottom. We added tubing to the bottom of the skirt to make it flare out the way we needed it to. I wore fish net panty hose (I was reminded all over again why I don't wear those ever) and black heel. Oh and we can't forget the gold&black eye lashes, the gold bling headband, and then clipped to the inside under the dress was a flash light turned on. I was the one legged lamp from A Christmas Story!!

I thought it was a cute idea but I had NO idea that it was going to be the hit that it was! After I got to work I posted a picture; I kept getting "likes" and comments. I believe I ended up with almost 100 "likes" and around 70 comments! I was blown away! And I guess I should go ahead and tell y'all that I'm now the proud owner of a new flat screen TV!!

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