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Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010

Well 2009 is gone and I think that many feel like me when I say I am happy it's over It's hard to believe that it's 2010; but time flies by when you're having fun! Honestly 2009 wasn't all that bad. It had it's ups and downs just like any year has. But I think this whole recession has thrown us all for a loop and making this past year so very hard for us all.

But now it's a new year with new hopes, dreams and resolutions. Like last year I'm not making resolutions, they are way to easy to break and then you feel comepletely defeated when you realize that you haven't lived up to them. But how about here are my hopes for the year to come.

1. I want a closer relationship with God. This was one that I had last year and it's going to be at the top of my list for ever and ever. I want to learn more and get to know Him more. One way I did this in the past year was attending church, prayer, conferences, reading (bible and devotionals), talking with others..ect. For this year I will continue to do all of those things but this coming Sunday I'm joining the church that I have been attending. We all need a church home. I love this church and want to become more involved and this is my first step in doing so. I'm very excited

2. A Healthy Me. Like all New Years resolutions go we all want to lose weight. Of course I would love to do that as well. But I also know when I say that I want to go on a diet thats when my body goes into I have to eat everything in sight mode. Because even though I might hate something if I tell myself I can't have it it's the only thing I want. I would really like to drop some weight but I'm not willing to starve myself or cut out all the foods I love. I have no will power when it comes to food. But I'm trying to get better about going back to the gym. In the last couple of months Alex has started teach Zumba (a workout dance class) and I love going. Since I had to quit spin about a year ago I have really struggled with getting motivation to get my booty to the gym. I need to get a trainer but just have no money for it right now. Its a little harder for me because I'm an amputee and with my knee issues, so I would love to work with someone to show me what to do. Plus I need someone that I need to answer to. I know you're thinking Ummmm HELLO your sister!!! but she is someone that can tell me to do something and I will just flat out tell her no. I need someone to answer that I can't tell no so easily. Also I would just like to take just well visits to Maryland. In 2008 I went to the NIH (my hospital) 15 times; then in 2009 I didnt go once. I will be traveling up there at the end of January just for a yearly checkup. And I have high hopes for my knee. I was having a lot of issues with my knee but after those painfully wonderful acid shots things have been great! So if I have to do it again this year I will do it.

3. A Wealthier Me. For some reason money and I just dont mix well together. I need to be more aware and better with my money. 2009 was NOT financially a good year for me. But that was last year and all the years before and this is a new year with new years to come.

4. The Speaker- As many of you know I started my motivational speaking career this past year. I had a couple of really great experiences which is only helping me realize that this is where God is leading me. This is where He wants me. As of earlier this week I will be a speaker for A Woman Inspired conferenece in March. This is a HUGE opportunity for me and I'm sooooo excited about it! If you would like to check out their website please feel free.

Traveling with Candace over the last few years made me realize that this is where God wants me. And these conferences are AMAZING!!!! If you ever get the chance to go to one I urge you to do so. For you Southern girls, Extordinary Women will be holding a conference in Greenville, SC and then one in Birmingham,AL this spring. I'm trying to go to both of these. They are so spiritually filling and you will love them! I would love to see you there!

So I will be doing the Woman Inspired conference in March and have had lots of other things that are popping up and hoping they work out as well. If your church, womens group, youth groups are in need of a speaker please let me know. Or please let your churches know that I would love to come and share my story. Also if you have visited my website please pass it along and share with others.

I'm so looking forward to what God has planned in my life. I really feel as though I'm going in the direction that God wants me to be. Plus there is going to be more fun things this year like my 10 year class reunion. I cant believe it's been ten years! I cant wait to see everybody! Then Alex and Chads 1st wedding anniversary in May. Both of my parents turning the big 5-0! A new baby cousin that I just found out about this week!! Friends coming to visit, pool parties, 3 weddings, hopefully a road trip somewhere...I can't wait to see what else. Maybe Prince Charming will come and sweep me off my foot?? All I know is I look forward to all the new memories that are about to be made and following the path that God wants me to walk.

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