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God's timing

So for the month of July our Pastor takes the month off and during that month he pretty much hides away and plans the next year of sermons for us. But this year was a little different even though he did do just that, their family was faced with a bigger issue. His wife was battling cancer. And after weeks and weeks of intense chemo she is doing better but still in treatments. And this is when Pastor Tim came up with our first lesson plan. Marriage. Now normally in the past I wouldn't have mind missing a Sunday here and there because I'm not married so why do I need to be there. But as I get older I'm starting to realize that maybe I should learn some things before I get married. You know learn how to fix things before they happen or how to handle them if they do instead of learning after the fact.

Fireproof (the movie) really helped me realize this. I didnt see the Love Dare as a "how to fix your marriage" challenge but more of just how you should treat people in general. And my new favorite staple gift to get an engaged or newly married couple is the Fireproof basket. I get a basket, the movie, the bible study for the couple, a blanket, popcorn, candy and whatever else. Even though they might not be having problems now they should start these things before the problem arises. Plus it brings it all back to our Creator. The one who made us, the one who made marriage, the one who we are supposed to go to through the good and the bad. Its being proactive instead of reactive.

So for 5 weeks we had marriage sessons. Every week a couple from our church would get up there and tell us what they had gone through, what helped them get through that time and how things are now. But I think it was the first week that I really took something away from all the sessons. Pastor Tim gave us some things to do or really things we should be doing with our spouse or for them. And one was pray. I know that everything is in Gods timing. Its not about what I want, when I want it; but rather what He wants for me and when HE wants me to have it. When I was in high school I thought I would be married by 22 and start having babies around 25.....well I'm 29 now and none of that has happened. Which is completely fine, I can't even imagine having a baby right now, or if my plan had worked out having a 4 year old right now. So whenever someone brings up marriage or dating I always just say its in God's time; which I still believe in. But when he told us to pray I was like DUH Mandy, you should be praying for him. And I dont mean just pray for him, like God make him in to everything I want him to be (you know all prince charming and everything) and bring him to me ASAP. My prayer is actually, God continue to mold me into the person that you want me to be, mold him into who you want him to be, and mold us for each other. Let his heart be after you and then for me. I pray for Him to help him know that I am here weather we know each other or not (although if I were guessing, I'm going to say we dont know each other). But still knowing that it will happen when HE is ready, not when I think I am ready.

Then this past weekend a friend of mine, Kirk Cameron, was in town. He was doing a marriage conference with Warren Barfield in Marietta. Again even though I'm not married I thought I would go maybe learn some more stuff, but really I was just going to see my friend that I rarely get to see. Even though I've known Kirk for 20 years, and I could pretty much give Candace's whole speech, I had never heard him speak. The conference was great! Even though Mr. Cameron called me out in front of 1,100 people telling them that I was single and I needed to be taking notes. Such a goober, I told him afterward you know if you are going to do that you could at least flash my number up or something so if they have single friends they could hook me up with But over all the whole thing was great, and wasn't super cheesy. So if you ever get a chance to go and see them, you should!

I would agree with my friends status the other day that said "single and content with it" which normally I am, and today I am. But then there are of course the lonely days when I'm not so content with it. And I think we all feel that way sometimes; even married people, I'm sure there are days they wish they were single again. I am such an indepentant person that sometimes I can't imagine being married and think that maybe I'm not cut out for it. But then why would I have the desire for it so bad? And a couple of months ago I asked God that if he didnt want me to marry and to just stay single that's fine by me, but to please take the desire away. Instead he has pointed me to marriage sermons, haha! I don't know if that's a hint, but hopefully some day it will happen. I'm not dreaming of Prince Charming, because there is no such thing. I'm realistic. Even though people at work think I'm not; but I'm not willing to lose my standards. I would rather stay single then settle.

Anyway just a little something I thought I would share what's been on the brain lately. It's all in God's timing

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