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Ding Dong the Stent is GONE!

Well it's been two months since all of this started (but feels like 7) and it seems to be coming to a close. Today I was able to have the stent removed! The OR had to fit me in and since they weren't shooting any dyes or taking x-rays while they were in I wasn't put to sleep! I had been freaking out about that part of it since yesterday. I was rolled in to the OR moved myself on to the table and talking to everybody. One of my doctors who has been so precious during this whole thing told me he knew how nervous I was about getting it taken out but not being put to sleep so he was going to stay at my head and talk to me. Then right as they began to start he said, do you wanna hold my hand and I did! So sweet and it really did help. The whole procedure took about 20 seconds to go in and pull it out, so that was awesome. I was then rolled back to recovery where I was given a shot of antibiotics in my bum! Honestly I didn't even feel it, I feel the soreness from it now but not then. Got dressed, went up to Phlebotomy to have my blood drawn (first stick, yay. Yesterday was two), picked up my meds from the pharmacy, rescheduled our plane tickets and that was all before 10 am! I'm now back at the hotel. We will be here until Sunday so that I can be under observation just to make sure my body doesn't want to get to crazy. I just have to go over to the hospital once a day and have my blood drawn. So happy to have that over with!

I forgot to tell you my favorite parts about yesterday. While waiting in phlebotomy yesterday there was this little girl and her mother waiting for their turn to be called back. I had just sat down and all the sudden I hear a little voice ask "What happened to your leg?" I look up and the little girl is standing in front of me asking the age old question. I tried to explain that my leg had gotten really sick with an infection and that the doctors had to take it off. She then asked like so many kids do "Did it hurt? How did they do it?" I told her that they had put me to sleep so I'm really not sure. And since I was asleep it didn't hurt. After talking to her and her mom I found out that this was the little 9 year olds first visit to the NIH and she was scared of the needles. Her number was called back and she was gone. Soon after my number was called and I went in the little cubey but looking across the way was this little girl. Once she was done filling all of here little vials she headed over to my cube to watch me have mine done. She was the sweetest little girl and I was explaining to her about how shots only hurt for a second but how much they actually help. As they headed to their next appointment the mom just looked at me with a smile on her face and whispered Thank You. But it was my pleasure!! Oh and right before she left me in the waiting room she reached in to her little bag, walked over to me and said I have a sticker for you. I looked down at the conversation heart sticker that in red letters just says "SMILE" This little girl made my heart smile.

Later on while checking in with Urology and waiting to be called back the nurse for their department started talking to me about her husband who had just lost his foot. He was dealing with the amputation pretty well and won't let it get the best of him down. We had a nice little conversation that went every where from balance, God and movies! I love when paths cross

Then while getting on the shuttle to go back to the hotel today and yesterday when I got in Christian music was playing. Yes I know it sounds silly but it was like God confirming in a small way that he was with me. I know he is , but it was like a sign. I mean h-el-l-o I go to a Government run hospital there is very little Christian anything going on in those walls. You know besides the miracles that are being worked inside everyday coming through those doctors

So all and all it's been a good trip!

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