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For years my Dad has been wanting to go to Chicago. He is from IL and I believe that state still has his heart. Well Dad's birthday is in April and Mom wanted to do something big since you know he saved her life and all by giving her a kidney. So we decided to buy plane and baseball tickets to see the Cubs play at Wrigley! But the other surprise was that we invited his siblings to come with us! Jenny (his sister) wasn't able to come but his three brothers were all in! We gave him his gift back in April but he finally got to cash it in this past weekend!

Our weekend started Friday morning with an early flight to Midway! Once we landed the three of us headed to the orange line (which is one of the trains to get you around town). We found our stop and then walked 2 or 3 blocks to our hotel. We stayed at the Congress Plaza which according to the reviews is supposed to be haunted but that didn't bother me I got the Lord on my side! The hotel wasn't ready for us to check in yet so we got our luggage held at the front desk and ventured out to The Exchequer Pub for lunch. And this is where I tried my first deep dish pizza. And I'm not gonna was super yummy!! Then it was back to the hotel to check in and to get settled in. Mom wanted to rest a while so Dad and I ventured out and took a walk around the city! Chicago is a beautiful! That night the three of us, two of my uncles and one of my aunts went to the Navy Pier. We had dinner at Harry Caray's Tavern. Then the boys and I rode the ferris wheel! It was chilly outside but the view was amazing!

Saturday morning Dad, Spike, Terri and I walked around some more of the city and had breakfast. Then it was game time! Mom, Dad, Spike, Terri and I loaded up on the red line to meet the rest of the family (my uncles Rick and Rod, my aunt Anne and my cousin Niki) at Wrigley! Now I'm an Atlanta Brave at heart but I tell ya being in Chicago with the Cubbies made my heart start to drift toward the windy city! But after they started getting beat so bad I realized how many times my dad's heart was broken by the team he loves so much! I just can't go through that; haha!! So the Cubs will stay my second favorite team! The Cubs got beat by the Pirates but we got to sing "Take me out to the ballgame" with a famous Cubbie!

After the game we met up with another one of my cousins (plus a cousin to be) and the whole group went to dinner (back to Exchequer Pub). A great night with family! Talking about an upcoming wedding and just catching up on life. And then Sunday was just spent at the airport; but I did get my first Chicago dog there! Another yummy goodness.

Chicago is a beautiful city and I'm so glad that we got to go!

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