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Catching up on life

Okay wow, why is it when I say I'm going to start blogging more I dont??  I think I see a New Years resolution in the making.  Not too much is going on though.  I've just been working and trying to get some speaking events going for 2011!  So if you need a speaker for anything, let me know

October was filled with birthdays.  Alex turned 26....I can't believe my baby is growing up!  We had a fun night of dinner and games with family and friends.  Our birthdays aren't just birthdays, they are birthweeks!  And we love to celebrate them no matter what number we are turning.  Later in October Alex and I threw Mom a surprise 50th birthday party!  She was in shock!  But it was so much fun!  It's always nice to be surrounded by the ones that you love on your special day.  I also got to take a little vacation.  I went and spent a week in L.A. visiting my Bure/Fleming/Cameron family.  I love getting to go out and visit them, I just wished it happened more than once a year. Let's see what did we do while I was there??  I got to visit the set of Make It Or Break It, which is pretty cool, since I love the show.  I got to watch the Bure boys play hockey, GOOOOO KINGS!  I ate In-N-Out and Pinkberry for the first time, both are so very yummy!  And if you go to IN-N-Out but you haven't checked the bottom of the cups and the bottom of the fry trays before, you should do so, you'll get a nice little surprise!  I hadn't been to Hollywood since my first trip out to L.A. so Candace and the kids were sweet enough to endulge my touristic side!  Which was totally worth it since I got a picture with Britney's star on the walk of fame plus see the Kodak theater "And this is American Idol, Young out!"......oh sorry I got side tracked.  I also got to speak while I was out there!  YAY ME!!!  A friend of mine teaches a womens bible study on Monday mornings, when she found out that I was coming to L.A. and was going to be there on a Monday morning she asked if I would be interested in sharing my story.  I jumped at the chance.  She started this bible study group 2 years ago starting with 25 women and it has now grown to over 250 women.  That morning I woke up completely defeated.  I had a dream the night before that only 4 women had shown up and when I stood up to start my speech it wasn't there, I had forgotten the whole thing (like I hadn't lived a day in my own shoe) and I began crying.  As soon as I woke up that morning that's all I could think about.  On the way to the church my stomach was in knots and I just kept praying.  Once we got to the church Mama Barbara took me to the side and prayed with me putting my heart at ease.  And then once I got up on that stage He just took over and helped me deliever.  It's funny, before I get on the stage I am SO nervous then I say a prayer and when it's my time I'm at such peace....which I can only give Him credit for!  Speaking for Chelsea's class was awesome, I loved it!  Hopefully next time I'm out there I'll be able to work it out to go and speak for Bridgette's womens group!  I'll look for any excuse to go out there and see everybody!  And then of course there was Halloween!  This year I was Minnie Mouse and a quite adorable one if I might add!  I had to dress up twice, once Friday for a work Halloween party where I was the traditional Minnie and then Sunday we had a huge festival at church where I sported 80's rocker Minnie!  So much fun and now I have the ears for the next time I venture off to Disney World!  

November is drawing a complete blank to me.  The only thing I can remember doing is going to a comedy club to see the very funny Anjelah Johnson.  And the other was Thanksgiving!  I went over to my brother in laws aunts house for the big turkey dinner.  I love that our families have just meshed so well together!  I love them!  Then back to our house where my grandparents, aunt and cousin came over for a big Thanksgiving dessert bar!  Yummy!  Other than that I'm guessing it was filled with work and Zumba!  But if it comes back to me I'll come back and fill you all in on it!

December is my favorite month!!  Majority of peoples favorite month is either one that their birthday falls in or that consists of summer weather, but not me!  December is just magical all the way around.  I looooove the cold weather, the Christmas music, lights, cards, giving of gifts, the parties/gatherings....this list could go on and on so I'll stop.  But this is the season where we get to celebrate our Lords birth!  And sometimes it's hard to share with non believers about Jesus but Christmas is the PERFECT time to get to share his amazing life and the gift that he has given to each one of us!  I love the trees, Santa, snowman...but I'll never forget that HE is the real reason for this season!  It just makes my heart all warm and cozy inside

And this past weekend I went and spoke for Hope Community Church in Ohio.  What a fun time!  They have the sweetest people there and it snowed the whole time so needless to say the whole trip just stole my heart right from the beginning!  Mom and I flew up Saturday morning and were welcomed at the airport by Pastor Jerry and his wife Pat.  They are the most precious couple!  We all went to lunch and got to know more about each other which I so enjoyed.  Later that night a friend of mine on facebook but whom I had never met in person came to pick us up to take us to the event.  Her name is Joy, heres a little back story on Joy and I.  Back in April Joy and I both spoke for an online Womens conference for A Woman Inspired.  We then became friends on Facebook.  She then contacted me and said that she thought I would be the perfect person for her church's Christmas tea/dinner and I am sooooo happy she felt that way!  So this was our first time meeting face to face after all the emails, online chats, and phone calls over the last couple of months!  And her name says it all, Joy is such a joy!  The tea was set up in tables and each table had a host.  The church provided the table and chairs, but then each host was in charge of decorating their table from top to bottom!  I LOVE these kinds of events!  No table was the same there was everything from a Christmas village, gingerbread men, victorian, the armed forces, to Happy Birthday Jesus (that was our table, LOVED IT).  I love when people are creative!  There were around 375 women that attended and they were served by the men of the church (husbands, sons, and even the Pastors).  The night was awesome!!  I had so much fun!  The next morning I got to go back to the church and speak to the youth and then Mom and I did a question and answer session for both services.  It was just a fabulous weekend all the way around.  Well that was until I picked up the stomach bug that I'm still suffering from...but that's a different story for a different time.  So so far December rocks!! 


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