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Beautiful Life 2013

It's taken me a few weeks to write this blog but I think it's just taken a few weeks to actually sink in that it actually happened! So a couple of months ago I got an email from a friend of mine , Angela Thomas ( Angela is a very well known Bible teacher; just walk in to your local Christian book store and you'll find her books and Bible studies. It's such an honor to able to call her a friend! I met Angela at an E Women conference a couple of years ago while on the road with Candace. But back to my story...I got an email from Angela about her conference A Beautiful Life. And that's when she asked me if I would share a little of my story at the conference. A smile appeared on my face bigger than I have ever had before; I was giddy with excitement!

For weeks I prepared. The hardest part was cutting my 45 min speech down to 10 mins!! But I did it! As the day approached I started getting nervous which I see as a good thing! I don't get nervous speaking to thousands of people, the number doesn't bother me. The more the merrier! My fear is about losing my words. But it's my life how could I forget my life? Well the devil does an amazing job at telling me I know nothing about ME! And that's what the fear is before I's the devil trying to talk me out of what God has asked me to do. Luckily I know that so I refuse to listen to him and I just pray and pray through it. I get more nervous when I'm not nervous because then I feel like the devil isn't trying to fight for me. I want him to fight for me because that means I'm doing what God wants me to do!

The weekend finally came! May 31st my parents and I drove to Greensboro, NC to Westover Church. The conference started Friday night with Angela welcoming everybody for coming and then Charles Billingsley leading us in worship! But my favorite part of the whole weekend happened at the next break. I walked over to my merch table to take a picture and someone grabbed my shoulder and said "You don't think I'd miss this do you?" I turn around to see my sister and niece! She had driven 6 hours by herself with her 1 year old to surprise me and be apart of the weekend! I just started crying! It meant so much to me that she be there and be apart of the weekend! After wiping away my tears we jammed out with Nicole C Mullins! Guys if y'all can ever go to one of her concerts GO it's a fun time!

Saturday morning we started bright and early with praise and worship with Charles and his band and a teaching about being the sunshine from Angela. She then introduced me to the 2,500 women who were attending! My video started and I just started praying for His words to come through me! As the video finished, I walked up on stage and the lights came up and all of the sudden everyone stood up and started clapping. I got a standing ovation before I ever said a word and yes the tears started coming again! I gathered my composer and shared my story! It was wonderful!! After another break we came back and sang with Charles, and another speaker Lisa shared her story and then Angela wrapped up the conference.

The whole weekend was just awesome! It was such a blessing to me! It only helped me realize this is what God has asked me to do. He has given me a story to share and that's what I'm supposed to do and I do whatever it is that He asks me to do. Thank you Angela for letting me be apart of your weekend! I maybe the sunshine to you, but you're the sunshine to me!



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