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An Answered Prayer

Two years ago I got invited to be apart of a small group bible study. I've written about my Bella girls on here before but this time I wanted to share an answered prayer praise with you! This group of girls have become such a blessing into my life. Some girls I've known others I didn't until we started our group. But oh my word, how we have bounded over the past couple of years!

Casey was the founder of our this small group; the link that brought us all together. We after week we would dig more into our study but we always started off with prayer requests (which we have now decided to do at the end because we get off on different topics and it's 2 hours later and we haven't even started our study, I'm sure other study groups know what I'm talking about hehe). During these prayer requests we have each and everyone poured out our hearts desire. I really don't think there is one person apart of our group that hasn't shed a tear at some point or another during prayer requests. And week after week Casey's prayers were always the same....I want a baby.

Casey and her husband Matt had been trying to get pregnant for years. Trying to over come health obstacles, the stress of work, and just the desire to be a mother Casey was about at her wits end. Our hearts would break and our prayers were over flowing for her, Matt and their situation. She knows that God is faithful but it's all about His timing, but sometimes waiting for what your heart truly longs for is the hardest.

One day God laid it on Casey and Matt's heart that maybe they should look into the adoption along with all the other avenues they were utilizing. They started spreading the word by mouth and brochures. And then one day their brochure got into the hands of an angel who picked Matt and Casey to be the parents of the blessing growing inside of her. They traveled back and forth to TN during the pregnancy and to check on their soon to be little girl!

On January 17th (a month before her due date) Ella Grace couldn't hold her excitement any longer to meet her parents and entered the world! Weighing in at only 4 pound 10 ounces this little miracle was healthy and strong and didn't even have to visit the NICU. And after all i's were dotted and the t's were crossed sweet Ella Grace got to make her journey home to GA.

Last Saturday Alex and I got to take Matt and Casey lunch and got to finally meet Ella Grace!!! Our eyes filled with tears as we gazed upon this little miracle and listening to the stories that her parents told of her birth. Plus listening to Casey talk about how she had always wanted to be the one pregnant but now that she has been through this she wouldn't have it any other way. And this is really when my eyes filled up because that was a specific prayer I had been praying for her; asking God if that was His will for them to please lay it on her heart and boom! I am so overjoyed for this little family!

This is when I'm reminded of my life verse again; Jeremiah 29:11. God has AMAZING plans for us. They aren't to harm us, but to prosper give us a hope and a future! We have to trust in God's plan and His timing, no matter how badly we want it. He knows what's best for us. We might think we know but honestly we don't! But I hope next time you're going through a hard time (even if you're in the middle of that storm right now) remember to never give up on God and pouring your desires out to Him; just like Casey did. He truly does care, He wants what's best for you and if there is a way He will make it happen!

I am so excited to watch this little miracle grow we have all been praying for Matt and Casey's baby for 2 years (who's only 2 weeks old) grow. I'm blessed to have been apart of such an answered prayer!

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