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4G weekend!

What an awesome conference God allowed me to be apart of this weekend! I got to speak for the 4G Girls Weekend Retreat (in Taccoa,GA) which is apart of Go Tell Ministries! This weekend is for girls 6th grade to seniors in college! Yes it's a wide range of ages, but it's so wonderful and fun!!

We started the weekend off with Awaken, a girls worship group who are all students at Liberty University! They were great! They had the girls on their feet, singing loud with hands raised! Then I was blessed to get to be the opening speaker! I gave my testimony to the girls in hopes to inspire them the next time that they are going through troubles and to help them realize that our lives are not about us but about HIM and HIS plan for us. After prayer the girls split up into their break out groups. This is where they are now split up by ages to feel comfortable with their own age peers and are lead by an older leader to go over what they just learned and if the girls had any questions they could be answered.

After break out sessions we all ran back to our rooms and changed in to our pj's for the "Sweet Dreams" slumber party! Once changed we headed back to the common area and had our GIANT slumber party! They had music, games and of course every ones favorite junk food!!! Let me just tell you about the food! There was a candy bar! A popcorn station with different toppings (I chose hot chocolate)! A huge cupcake tower! A brownie bar! And of course you're going to get thirsty after eating all of this so there was a hot chocolate bar! Yes it was a sugar high party!! The girls played twister, then a little getting to know you game with Awaken and then line danced their little hearts out! It was a blast! The party was over by 11 so we could get back to our rooms for actual sweet dreams and then start back up the next morning!

Saturday morning we sang with Awaken and then Monica Rose started us in our morning session. She was teaching on purity, not only sexual purity but also the purity for our eyes and ears! She did a wonderful job and the girls loved it! Then we headed to our "White Out" brunch! Everyone dressed in white that morning to symbolize purity. It was awesome seeing the sea of white and how many girls committed to staying pure before they are married! And after our yummy brunch it was back to break out sessions and I was able to sit in with the college girls and talk to them. Then it was back to the Chapel for more fun and giveaways!! The girls were giggling and smiling from ear to ear during this time! It was so awesome to see. Then it was time for our last break out session and pizza party! During this break out session I sat in with the leaders (If these ladies wouldn't have been so awesome to bring them these girls wouldn't have gotten to come) and I just opened the floor for questions and it was great! Then back to the Chapel for our last session with Awaken and our closing speaker Danielle Newsome! She did a whole thing about teenagers in the Bible and what we can learn from them, it was awesome! And then as each girl left the conference they were given a white flower to take home! So sweet!

This has been a dream of mine, to speak at a conference and God let me do that! It was so awesome! Honestly when I started speaking I didn't see myself speaking to youth but the more God opens that door for me and points me to it the more my heart grows for it. It wasn't that I don't love youth, I do....I just didn't think that they would understand the medicinal side of my life and be able to relate to what I'm saying; but they do! It was an awesome weekend and I hope I get the honor of doing more of. Not only are these girls getting to worship God together but they are getting to learn about His word, meet new Christian friends, play games and do fun things that honor God. Some people believe that when you follow Gods law there are too many rules and rules=no fun.....oh but that is so not true! The life that God wants you to live is filled with so much more joy than you could ever imagine, and joy and fun go hand and hand.


 *Picutre: With the Mr&Mrs Gage of Go Tell Ministries*



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