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1. You inspire a lot of people. Who has inspired you throughout your life?-Kristina Yates

If you know me you already know the answer to this question I'm sure....It's without a doubt my family. I have the most amazing family. God knew exactly what I needed and gave me them. They are one of the greatest blessings that God has ever given to me. I honestly don't know where I would be without them today. My disease has never been my disease to fight alone, it's been our fight to go through together. When I would go to the hospital in MD for a week my parents both took off work and Alex was pulled out of school and we all went together and made it a little va-cay! 

Either one of my parents could have walked out at any time but neither did. They stood together and stood beside me through everything I went through. They have set such a wonderful example for both Alex and I on what marriage is about and what it's supposed to be. I look back on what all they have done and it brings tears to my eyes. They built such an amazing family unit. Then there is the one who has lived in my shadow for 27 years. I could have a sister who hates me because of all the attention I have required for so long, but she's never held any of it against me. God knew that I was going to need a best friend, a rock, a partner in crime, a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, and a soul mate and He blessed me by giving me Alex. I love her more than she will ever know. I sit in amazement by her. The older she gets the more proud I become of her. (And I'm sitting here fighting the tears back because every time I talk about her I cry). And then there is the newest part of our little family, Chad (my brother in law) Alex and Chad started dating in high school and had been together 8.5 years on their wedding day. He's technically new because they recently got married but he's now been apart of the family for 11 years. God did an awesome job putting this guy with our family. He fits in so well its scary. He's an amazing man of God and has been such a leader for there little family of two so far. I always wanted a brother and I finally got one in Chad! I've always felt sorry for the guys I date 1. because I have so many guy friends that are like brothers and older men who act like my dad. But 2. because they are going to be compared to my dad and Chad. 

I also have awesome extended family as well!! I can't forget all of them! I wish that I was rich enough to buy a whole neighborhood and have all of my family live in it! That would be amazing!

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