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My Walk

1. "What keeps you grounded in your faith? Do you ever feel Why me? Or have you always thought God was using you?" Dianne Lynn

To me my life is completely normal. Yes I know that sounds weird. But growing up I was in and out of the hospital all the time. I feel more comfortable at a doctors office or hospital then I do sometimes at someones house. To me growing up in a hospital seemed normal. It wasn't like I was a well child and then all the sudden was stricken by illness (well I mean I was until I was 9 months old, but I dont count that because I can't remember it). I hold on to God's promises. My life verse (Jeremiah 29:11) helps me every day. It's a reminder that God has amazing plans for me, He knows what's best for me and he's never trying to harm me. Even though I was so sick when I was younger and I now look back at how just because of what I've been through how it could help millions of other people. That's something I could never imagined, but he knew! I've never really had why me moments, I've never questioned why God gave all of this to me. I honestly look at it and think WOW, he gave all of this to me, that's a lot of trust He has in me. Now don't get me wrong I have bad days too just like everyone else. But I try to always snap myself out of it and remind me of everything that He has given me and all that He will give me and that this life is a vapor and Heaven is forever so I can go through all of this for a while since my forever will be so blissful :) 

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