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Hospital Life

1. Ok, I have a friend in the hospital. I want to make him a goody basket. What are your favorite things for people to bring you in the hospital? From treats to thing to keep you from getting bored.

Awesome!!! I love to make these and people that get them love them! Okay so normally I'll stuff it full of yummy snacky food. You can buy like the packs of crackers (like the cheese cracker peanut butter ones) There are also the packs of cookies. If you can find out or if you know their favorite snacks then just get those. Then I like to go to the dollar store and get a couple different cross word puzzle, word finds, suduko books! sometimes they even have trivia cards that you can find, that helps pass time. You can also grab a pack of pens for the cross words and highlighters for the word finds. If they have kids that come and visit it might be nice to include a coloring book and crayons if you know the kids are going to visit and it gives them something to occupy their time with. Go through the toys and grab a deck of cards and sometimes they will have other card games or a box of checkers and sometimes puzzles (just depending on what the person likes). I also like to grab a pack of bottled water or the persons favorite drink and stick those in. Another nice added bonus could be a little sack of quarters just to have for the vending machines at the hospital, for drinks or whatever. That's very very sweet of you and I hope my ideas helped a little!

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